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High Performance Database for IoT Big Data

eXtremeDB for HPC offers scalable data management for Big Data and analytics.


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eXtremeDB for HPC was built for IoT big data with a flexible architecture, elastic scalability, columnar data layout and other features designed to provide the fastest time series analytics.

Statistical analysis

eXtremeDB for HPC comes with a library of more than 100 functions for performing statistical analysis on time series data, such as grand, group, grid and window averages to name a few.

Learn more in our documentation.

An in-memory and persistent DBMS

eXtremeDB was originally designed and optimized to be an in-memory database system (IMDS) and this distinction allows for improved performance.  Learn why here.

The eXtremeDB hybrid database system offers remarkable flexibility.

CPU cache-optimized (pipelined) analytics

Pipelining causes the output of one function to become the input to the next function. Interim results within a pipeline are passed between functions within the CPU cache (not materialized). CPU cache is 3X – 4X faster than RAM. The pipelining technique gives eXtremeDB record-breaking speed.  Learn more.

Columnar data layout

eXtremeDB offers support for columnar data layout, which improves efficiency in handling time series data.  System designers can combine a columnar layout with traditional rows in a single database design, to optimize run-time efficiency.

Sharding for elastic scalability

Sharding is partitioning a logical database into multiple physical databases, which might then be distributed across multiple nodes in a cluster.  Learn more.

Distributed query processing

Distributes a query to each shard of a partitioned database, to leverage the power of multiple cores and CPUs in executing the query.  Learn more.

Rapid prototyping and development

Program in Python to rapidly develop a concept. Leverage the power and efficiency of LUA to implement server-side User Defined Functions. Learn more.

High availability

Use High Availability to create a hot standby for every database shard. In the event of a failure of the primary server for that shard, eXtremeDB will failover to the standby to maintain availability of the system.  Learn more.


Multi-Version Concurrency Control dramatically improves scalability and performance, while simplifying application logic by eliminating the need for code to manage pessimistic database locking.  Learn more.

Powerful features make eXtemeDB for HPC the ideal database for IoT big data

And more

eXtremeDB for HPC is an ideal database for IoT Big Data. See a complete list of features.

eXtremeDB for HPC is the ideal database for IoT Big Data.

Learn about eXtremeDB for Iot Edge

Need support on all platforms from edge to cloud? Learn about the eXtremeDB IoT Software Development Toolkit 

eXtremeDB for HPC Sweeps Records in Big Data Benchmark. Get more details.

McObject wins IoT Vendor of the Year.  Learn more.

Award winning eXtremeDB is the ideal database for IoT big data

eXtremeDB named Outstanding Structured Database in the Big Data Excellence Awards.  Read the press release.

What makes eXtremeDB a great tool for the professional developer? 

The extensive list of features.

All we do is database management systems.

Proven performance since 2001

  • We are proud to be used by companies that lead their industries.
  • Read our references
  • Learn about our speed records in independently audited benchmark studies


“We determined that integrating a proven data management solution will shorten development and testing, cutting overall development costs. Our experience with eXtremeDB has borne out this prediction”

– Customer since 2003


“It was more than twice as fast as the second-place database.”


“In addition to speed and the ability to process large quantities of data, clients also require richer data sets for golden price generation, which is what  eXtremeDB will help us do outstandingly well.”


“After a stringent review process, we selected eXtremeDB because of its scalability; outstanding performance due to its sharding capability; and our confidence in McObject’s ability to offer a solid support team.”


“Reliability is absolutely critical to our customers, which was one of the key reasons for choosing McObject’s eXtremeDB.”


eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s performance and fault-tolerance make it a natural fit for database processing in the enhanced order-execution system.”

BAE Systems

“Among other benefits, eXtremeDB makes it simple to configure databases and tables using the product’s schema compiler.”

Dalian Commodity Exchange

eXtremeDB-64 contributes significantly to trading platform robustness, with a proven database transaction mechanism that is optimized for high throughput.”

Transaction Network Services

“Our evaluation determined that eXtremeDB outperforms other in-memory database systems, meeting [our] current needs and, just as importantly, accommodating future growth.”

eXtremeDB was made for the IoT


The volume and velocity of data collected by IoT systems has the potential to surpass previous systems by a wide margin. Developers require a database system with an architecture that can keep up in both dimensions:

Scale vertically, i.e. “scale up” with the volume of data

Scale horizontally, i.e. “scale out” to bring more processing power to bear and maintain system responsiveness

HPC database for IoT big data. Scale data elastically vertically or horizontally

Each node in a distributed eXtremeDB database can be arbitrarily large. Published and audited benchmarks demonstrate eXtremeDB setting performance and latency (jitter) records with 4 terabyte to 31 terabyte database, and up to 72 shards (nodes). 

“We never stop researching and developing new and innovative ways to keep eXtremeDB – and thus our customers – ahead of the pack.”

      — McObject CEO Steve Graves


Used by innovative industry leaders in over 30,000,000 deployments world-wide in these markets and others.

Telecom & Netcom

eXtremeDB powers routers, application traffic management, SCADA network fault management and more from industry leaders like F5, ViaSat, Motorola, Sandvine, Hutchinson, TNS and Ribbon that require real-time performance and five 9s high availability.

Internet of Things

eXtremeDB’s Active Replication Fabric™ manages all aspects of IoT data communication: security, low bandwidth, intermittent connections, multi-tier and bi-directional replication, and more.

Aerospace & Defense

Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, British Aerospace, EADS and others depend on eXtremeDB’s reliability, unmatched performance and broad platform support.

Financial Systems

eXtremeDB’s unique hybrid row- and columnar-layout (OLTP and time series) coupled with pipelined functions for statistical analysis and scalable distributed database architecture power record-setting STAC-M3 benchmark results.

Consumer Electronics

JVC, DirecTV, GoPro and others all discovered that eXtremeDB’s small code size, portable data format and efficient use of compute & storage can reduce component cost while also supporting data-hungry new features.

Industrial Control

eXtremeDB’s sophisticated event notification systems, time series data processing and high availability have powered its wide-spread adoption in SCADA, fleet management, smart building automation and other verticals.

We are only as successful as your next project. Do you need a scalable database for IoT Big Data and Analytics?

eXtremeDB for HPC is now available on AWS. Evaluate, purchase and deploy eXtremeDB with its full set of features through the AWS marketplace within the almost unlimited AWS framework.  Visit our page to learn more.