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Built-in Data Management Security

eXtremeDB offers built-in data management security at rest and in transit.

eXtremeDB multi-layered security protects your database.

Database security
eXtremeDB offers built-in data management security at rest and in transit.  Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) on the database page level detects any unauthorized modification to stored data, while AES encryption employs a user-provided cipher to prevent access or tampering. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) is supported in all communications (client/server, High Availability and Cluster).

With AES encryption enabled, even a successful breach of network security will not expose database content to a bad actor.

Learn more about eXtremeDB multi-layered security in our on-line documentation

Support for wolfSSL

The eXtremeDB embedded database system powers mission critical systems that demand “five-nines” reliability (99.999% up-time), thus security and performance is an absolute necessity. When it came to choosing a TLS provider, McObject needed a library that it was confident would satisfy the stringent guarantees it provides to its customers, and wolfSSL emerged as the clear choice.  Read the blog at

wolfSSL logo

eXtremeDB Active Replication Fabric™ makes IoT data movement easy.

Active Replication Fabric offers reliable IoT database management by solving key challenges for developers.  eXtremeDB offers bidirectional replication, multi-tier replication (e.g. edge-to-gateway-to-gateway-to-cloud), built-in security, compression to maximize limited bandwidth networks, and more.

See a list of eXtremeDB features that maximize database management system reliability

Read the press release about how Active Replication Fabric helped eXtremeDB win Best in Show at IoT World 2019

Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about eXtremeDB with Active Replication Fabric™ and what makes it reliable data management for IoT systems.

IoT Edge

eXtremeDB is ideal for IoT edge database management because it is extremely small, fast, and reliable.  The efficient design and unmatched speed have been giving developers a competitive edge since 2001.  No other database management system offers developers more features to choose from.

eXtremeDB is reliable data management for IoT systems

Compatible with all embedded/real-time operating systems

High Availability for embedded systems that require 5 9s availability

An ultra small footprint gives manufactures  a competitive edge.

Compatible with all embedded/real-time operating systems

High Availability for embedded systems that require 5 9s availability

An ultra small footprint gives manufactures  a competitive edge.

eXtremeDB is reliable data management for IoT systems

IoT Big Data

eXtremeDB for HPC was built for IoT big data with a flexible architecture, elastic scalability, columnar data layout and other features designed to provide the fastest time series analytics.

Ultra-fast, elastically scalable data management.

eXtremeDB delivers the benefits of distributed database management via distributed query processing, clustering and high availability options.

eXtremeDB Pipelines a library of more than 150 functions for record setting speed when performing statistical analysis on time series data

eXtremeDB for HPC platform independent IoT database

Created to be a flexible tool for the professional developer

Fast, flexible eXtremeDB offers more features than any other database management system on the market.


High Availability

Designed to power systems that cannot afford to fail, eXtremeDB-HA delivers the highest degree of availability, along with its unsurpassed performance and exceptionally small footprint.

Native and SQL APIs for C/C++, Java, C#, Python

eXtremeDB provides the developer with multiple application programming interfaces (APIs). Learn more 

Multiple Database Indexes

B-Tree, R-Tree, Patricia Trie, KD-Tree, Trigram and Hash indexes.  Learn more


A Wide Range of Supported Data Types

eXtremeDB supports structures, arrays, vectors and BLOBs for maximum efficiency. Learn more about this and other key features.

Hybrid data storage

Unlike other IMDS, eXtremeDB can combine the strengths of on-disk and in-memory database systems. In other words, eXtremeDB databases can be all-in-memory, all-persistent, or have a mix of in-memory tables and persistent tables. This unparalleled flexibility enables developers to tailor data management in order to optimize applications for speed and persistence.  System developers can make intelligent trade-offs between performance, cost-efficiency, power consumption, and physical space-conserving data storage hardware.

Chart of the hybrid storage of the eXtremeDB in-memory database system

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White paper: Database Persistence, Without The Performance Penalty

Some applications require higher data durability than in-memory storage provides. What if DRAM could be made persistent? AgigA Tech’s AGIGARAM non-volatile DIMM (NVDIMM) delivers that capability. McObject benchmarked the eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System using AGIGARAM as storage, including “pulling the plug” mid-execution, and comparing the NVDIMM to transaction logging as a solution for data durability/recoverability. This paper presents the benchmark tests and results.

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