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Data Management Resources for the Professional Developer

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At McObject, our only focus is database management systems.  We are a dedicated group of DBMS specialists, and we hope you find our extensive research and information about database management systems as interesting as we do.  Then, try our free evaluation software to see if eXtremeDB, eXtremeDB/rt or Perst can meet your needs.

eXtremeDB Demo Applications

Industrial IoT Preventive Maintenance Demo Application
This application simulates preventative maintenance in a pulp and paper mill. Download for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Get started.

eXtremeDB for HPC Analytics Demo
This is a Windows program that demonstrating execution of SQL queries using columnar storage and pipelined sequence math functions. Get started.

Custom Memory Allocator
This custom memory allocator is optimized for the allocation of small objects. It maintains chains of blocks that are the same size; the number of chains and maximum size of allocated object can be customized. By default, the allocator uses 5 chains with the block size 32, 48, 64, 128 and 256 bytes. Objects with a size greater than 128 bytes are allocated using standard malloc.

eXtremeDB/rt for FreeRTOS Posix/Linux Simulator
This download includes the eXtremeDB/rt kernel and numerous samples that demonstrate the eXtremeDB API. It helps to assess eXtremeDB/rt overall functionally, get familiar with the programming interface and learn about various features in a “simulated” FreeRTOS environment.

Desktop Distributions of eXtremeDB/rt
Free desktop evaluation packages of eXtremeDB/rt are available for immediate no-hassle download. Learn more about the programming interface and various real-time and non-real-time features of eXtremeDB/rt. After you have tried the desktop version, we hope you’ll contact us for a free trial of eXtremeDB/rt tailored to the needs of your RTOS.

eXtremeDB/rt for Linux

eXtremeDB/rt for MacOS

eXtremeDB/rt for Windows

Evaluation Software



eXtremeDB for Server, Cloud, Analytics and Financial FAQ Page

eXtremeDB for Device, Edge and Gateway FAQ Page

Perst Tech Specs


On-demand topics include: scaling IoT projects, edge node database systems, fault-tolerant memory management for mission critical embedded systems, and more.


Independently audited benchmark tests.

In-memory database system benchmarks & white papers


A list of some of the markets where eXtremeDB and Perst are deployed, and the features of interest to developers in those markets.



A wealth of industry news from McObject data management specialists


White Papers

Technical papers by data management specialists.


Steve Graves' Blog Posts

Archived blog posts for professional developers


Press Releases

McObject announcements about database management systems from 2001 – present.


Customer support

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