Proven to be the fastest hybrid persistent and in-memory database system for edge and cloud.

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The Professional Developers’ Database Management System

Device, Edge and Gateway

eXtremeDB has the flexibility to prioritize between performance, cost, power, and space-conserving storage options.

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 Cloud, Analytics and Financial

Offering all of our most powerful features, eXtremeDB for HPC delivers the scalability and performance demanded by High Performance Computing. 

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IoT Software Development Toolkit

The unique new eXtremeDB IoT development toolkit offering Active Replication Fabric and support on all platforms from edge to cloud.

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What makes eXtremeDB different?

With its extensive list of features, eXtremeDB was designed to be a powerful tool for the professional developer.  Learn about the new v8.1.

An In-Memory and Persistent DBMS

eXtremeDB was originally designed and optimized to be an in-memory database system (IMDS) and this distinction allows for improved performance.  Learn why here.

The eXtremeDB hybrid database system offers the strengths of the on-disk and all-in-memory approaches to data management in a single database system.

Active Replication Fabric

eXtremeDB Active Replication Fabric stages data during network malfunctions or outages, then sends all the relevant historical data to the network as soon as the connection is reestablished.

Eliminates data loss between device and server.


Security and Reliability

eXtremeDB protects your database with encryption, and CRC32 to detect tampering.


Transaction priority

Transactions can be assigned one of 5 priority levels and will be queued accordingly.  Review this and other key features.

Graphical dashboard

Learn more about the xPanel – several graphical interfaces that simplify eXtremeDB configuration and monitoring.

Designed to Prevent Data Corruption

With the native C/C++ API, errors in data-typing are caught at compile time.  Learn more.

Supports time series data

Time series data management systems frequently require large volumes of information to be available continuously. eXtremeDB excels in this capability.


Wide range of index types

Multiple database index types for specific application domains such as geospatial, telephony, and fuzzy search.

eXtremeDB for Cloud, Analytics and Financial

Flexible data layout

Columnar data layout for fields of type ‘sequence’ support database designs that combine row-based and column-based layouts, to best leverage the CPU cache speed.

Pipeline vector-based statistical functions

database pipelining vector based statistical functions

Elastic Scalability via Sharding

Sharding, with distributed query processing, leverages the processing power, memory and bandwidth of multiple hardware nodes.

Learn more about distributed query processing.

eXtremeDB IoT Software Development Toolkit

Winner Best in Show award in the Development Tools and Operating Systems category at its debut at the IoT World show at the Santa Clara Convention Center in May 2019.  A bundled platform to streamline development and eliminate common connectivity challenges.

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Support on all platforms

eXtremeDB SDK runs on the device, gateway and server; a bundled setup that eliminates the need to learn different DBMS and leverages staff skills.

Active Replication Fabric

eXtremeDB Active Replication Fabric eliminates data loss between device and server.  Learn how.


Security and Reliability

eXtremeDB protects data at rest and in transit.

Faster device communication

Devices communicate with server flawlessly using record-breaking eXtremeDB

'Storage containers' for edge devices

eXtremeDB ‘storage containers’ can be mapped to a database in the cloud so that eXtremeDB can replicate it intelligently.

Streamline development

Eliminates need for piecing together development tools.

Perst object oriented, open source database

“A database engine should be able to efficiently manage much more data than can fit in main memory. No specialized preprocessors, enhancers, compilers, virtual machines or other tools should be required to use the database or develop applications with it.”

All Java or C#/.NET

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Rich in development tools

The Perst API is flexible and easy-to-use. The breadth of Perst’s specialized collection classes is unparalleled. These include B-Tree, R-tree, Patricia Trie, KD-Tree and T-Tree indexes; database containers optimized for memory-only access, and much more. 


Perst’s core consists of only five thousand lines of code. The small footprint imposes minimal demands on system resources.

Advanced capabilities

Perst’s extras include garbage collection, schema evolution, a “wrapper” that provides a SQL-like database interface (SubSQL), XML import/export, database replication, support for large databases, and more.

“Our goal is to dedicate our time and efforts towards developing the most advanced database technology possible, to provide our customers with outstanding solutions.”             

– Steve Graves, McObject CEO


“We determined that integrating a proven data management solution will shorten development and testing, cutting overall development costs. Our experience with eXtremeDB has borne out this prediction”

– Customer since 2003


“It was more than twice as fast as the second-place database.”


“In addition to speed and the ability to process large quantities of data, clients also require richer data sets for golden price generation, which is what  eXtremeDB will help us do outstandingly well.”


“After a stringent review process, we selected eXtremeDB because of its scalability; outstanding performance due to its sharding capability; and our confidence in McObject’s ability to offer a solid support team.”


“Reliability is absolutely critical to our customers, which was one of the key reasons for choosing McObject’s eXtremeDB.”


eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s performance and fault-tolerance make it a natural fit for database processing in the enhanced order-execution system.”

BAE Systems

“Among other benefits, eXtremeDB makes it simple to configure databases and tables using the product’s schema compiler.”


eXtremeDB helped cut 18 programmer months from the development cycle.”

Schneider Electric

“In addition to its positive impact on our business, eXtremeDB is well-designed to solve the unique development challenges of data management for real-time embedded software.”


“Leveraging a tightly integrated database engine like McObject’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) eXtremeDB offers reliability, development efficiency, and the flexibility to cost-effectively add on new application features in the future.”

Dalian Commodity Exchange

eXtremeDB-64 contributes significantly to trading platform robustness, with a proven database transaction mechanism that is optimized for high throughput.”

Transaction Network Services

“Our evaluation determined that eXtremeDB outperforms other in-memory database systems, meeting [our] current needs and, just as importantly, accommodating future growth.”



We assist companies that lead their industries in achieving their data management goals.

 Find eXtremeDB in over 28,000,000 deployments world wide. See a partial client list.

Our only focus is database management systems.

Database Management System News


“The IoT Technology Piece No One Is Talking About”  – Embedded Computing Design  (Hint: it’s edge nodes, and we’ve been talking about it since 2016.)

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DBMS white paper about Tries

White Papers

We have been testing, improving on, and retesting our software from the beginning in 2001 in order to provide our clients with the best possible data management solutions.

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On demand webinars about database management


Listen to on-demand Webinars, hosted by database experts.

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trade show information about embedded systems

Trade shows

We invite you to stop by our booth at these shows to discuss your next project and how we might help.

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eXtremeDB is a proven database management solution, since 2001.

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Big Data

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Aerospace & Defense

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Consumer Electronics

eXtremeDB named Outstanding Structured Database in the 2018 Big Data Excellence Awards

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McObject Wins 2018 IoT Vendor of the Year Award

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eXtremeDB IoT Software Development Kit wins Best Development Tool & Operating System at IoT World 

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2019 ‘Best Big Data Analytics & Technology Provider’ award goes to McObject

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McObject shortlisted for ‘Analytics Product of the Year’

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McObject shortlisted in ‘Best Use of Data & Analytics’ catagory

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eXtremeDB shortlisted for two Data Management Insight Awards

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McObject shortlisted in ‘Big data, cloud & analytics’ and ‘Connected health or wearable tech’ catagories

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Amazon Web Services

Evaluate, purchase and deploy eXtremeDB for HPC within the almost unlimited AWS framework.