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The first commercial deterministic database system for real-time mission-critical systems.


Small footprint embedded DBMS for real-time/embedded systems.  In-memory and/or persistent.

Network Infrastructure

eXtremeDB offers real-time performance, high availability, Patricia trie indexes and more!

Big Data & Analytics

Highly scalable distributed time series DBMS with over 100 math functions to support analytics and machine learning.

Internet of Things

Time series embedded database for edge devices with Active Replication Fabric™ to intelligently bring data to the cloud.

eXtremeDB is proven to be the fastest hybrid persistent and in-memory database management system for edge and cloud.

Mission- and safety-critical applications

eXtremeDB/rt is the first and only deterministic embedded database management system for mission- and safety-critical hard real-time applications. It is built to satisfy strict requirements for timely execution of avionics and aircraft navigation systems, driver assistance systems, critical medical equipment and similar systems’ data management. The groundbreaking design of eXtremeDB/rt preserves the external and internal consistency of data by enforcing transaction deadlines and the ACID properties.

Network Infrastructure

Network gear developers build on proven eXtremeDB speed and reliability, combined in-memory and persistent data layouts, optimized access methods and unmatched flexibility.

Embedded Applications

From inception, eXtremeDB’s resilient and optimized storage capabilities uniquely qualified it to fuel database management for safety-critical and resource-constrained embedded applications.

Internet of Things

eXtremeDB’s Active Replication Fabric™ creates a data management foundation for the IoT ecosystem that seamlessly integrates edge and cloud applications’ storage and ensuring data safety all around.e

Big Data & Analytics

Columnar and row-oriented storage, a SQL engine infused with advanced analytics, and a scalable distributed architecture deliver speed and reliability to complex data-driven applications.

Try fast, flexible data management with eXtremeDB on AWS

eXtremeDB for HPC is now also available with its full set of features through the AWS Marketplace.  Cloud-based users may now evaluate, purchase and deploy within the almost unlimited AWS framework.

What makes eXtremeDB different?

An In-Memory and Persistent DBMS

eXtremeDB was originally designed and optimized to be an in-memory database system (IMDS) and this distinction allows for improved performance.  Learn why here.

The eXtremeDB hybrid database system offers the strengths of the on-disk and all-in-memory approaches to data management in a single database system.

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Active Replication Fabric

eXtremeDB Active Replication Fabric stages data during network malfunctions or outages, then sends all the relevant historical data to the network as soon as the connection is reestablished.

Eliminates data loss between device and server.

Row & Columnar Flexibility for Time Series Data

Time series data management systems frequently require large volumes of information to be available continuously. eXtremeDB excels in this capability.

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Embedded and Client Server

Fast, flexible eXtremeDB is data management wherever you need it. The eXtremeDB IoT SDK runs on the device, gateway and server, a bundled setup that eliminates the need to learn different DBMS and leverages staff skills. Devices and servers communicate flawlessly.

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Used by innovative industry leaders in over 30,000,000 deployments world-wide in these markets and others.

Telecom & Network

eXtremeDB powers routers, application traffic management, SCADA network fault management and more from industry leaders like F5, ViaSat, Motorola, Sandvine, Hutchinson, TNS and Ribbon that require real-time performance and five 9s high availability.

Internet of Things

eXtremeDB’s Active Replication Fabric™ manages all aspects of IoT data communication: security, low bandwidth, intermittent connections, multi-tier and bi-directional replication, and more.

Aerospace & Defense

Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, British Aerospace, EADS and others depend on eXtremeDB’s reliability, unmatched performance and broad platform support.

Financial Systems

eXtremeDB’s unique hybrid row- and columnar-layout (OLTP and time series) coupled with pipelined functions for statistical analysis and scalable distributed database architecture power record-setting STAC-M3 benchmark results.

Consumer Electronics

JVC, DirecTV, GoPro and others all discovered that eXtremeDB’s small code size, portable data format and efficient use of compute & storage can reduce component cost while also supporting data-hungry new features.

Industrial Control

eXtremeDB’s sophisticated event notification systems, time series data processing and high availability have powered its wide-spread adoption in SCADA, fleet management, smart building automation and other verticals.

“Our goal is to dedicate our time and efforts towards developing the most advanced database management system technology possible, to provide our customers with outstanding solutions.”             

– Steve Graves, McObject CEO

fast flexible eXtremeDB wins Outstanding Structured Database

Outstanding Structured Database 2018

flexible data management for Big Data and Finance

Best Big Data Analytics & Technology Provider

Best Dev Tool & Operating System at IoT World

Reliable, flexible data management wins IoT award

IoT Vendor of the Year

“It was more than twice as fast as the second-place database.”


“Our evaluation determined that eXtremeDB outperforms other in-memory database systems, meeting [our] current needs and, just as importantly, accommodating future growth.”

-Transaction Network Services

“In addition to its positive impact on our business, eXtremeDB is well-designed to solve the unique development challenges of data management for real-time embedded software.”

-Schneider Electric

News and Information

Database System News


“The IoT Technology Piece No One Is Talking About”  – Embedded Computing Design  (Hint: it’s edge nodes, and we’ve been talking about it since 2016.)

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DBMS white paper about fast, flexible data management

White Papers

We have been testing, improving on, and retesting our software from the beginning in 2001 in order to provide our clients with the best possible data management solutions.

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We invite you to stop by our booth at these shows to discuss your next project and how we might help.

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trade show information about HPC & embedded DBMS

Trade shows

We invite you to stop by our booth at these shows to discuss your next project and how we might help.

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eXtremeDB has been a reliable database management solution since 2001.

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