eXtremeDB offers a Graphical Dashboard

Graphical Dashboard (xPanel)

xPanel consists of several graphical interfaces that simplifies eXtremeDB configuration and monitoring.

Web Service Connectors provide RESTful web service connections to the following xPanel tools:

The xSQL Configuration Tool facilitates creating new, and modifying existing, xSQL JSON-formatted configuration files.

The Feed Handler Configuration Tool simplifies the process of establishing application settings that implement connections to financial market feeds.

The SQL System Analyzer collects and visualizes SQL processing statistics.

The eXtremeDB Performance Monitor provides a comprehensive, real-time view of various factors affecting the performance of eXtremeDB-based systems.

The SQL Query Console provides the capability to execute ad hoc SQL statements and view the results.

The Tracer displays the contents of a trace-log-file that tracks the runtime activity of eXtremeDB modules