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Critical systems demand High Availability (HA)

eXtremeDB High Availability is a fault-tolerant database for systems that can’t afford to fail.

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eXtremeDB High Availability, Fault-tolerant Database System

eXtremeDB High Availability (HA) database system is a fault-tolerant version of the already dependable eXtremeDB®. It was designed to answer the challenge, “How can a database survive the failure of the software or hardware environment in which it operates?” Designed to power systems that cannot afford to fail, eXtremeDB-HA delivers the highest degree of reliability, along with its unsurpassed performance and exceptionally small footprint.  Process control, telecom and network gear, and other mission critical systems with demanding “five-nines” reliability (99.999% up-time), requirements comprise a fast-growing segment of real-time applications. These systems are managing greater volumes of more complex data—creating a need for a fast, lightweight commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) database that can meet their reliability imperative.


Additional eXtremeDB features to maximize reliability.


How to reduce memory consumption in embedded systems.

How does eXtremeDB-HA work?

eXtremeDB-HA is an active-passive distributed database implementation. Active-passive means that there is one master database, and one or more slave (aka replica) database. The eXtremeDB-HA achieves high availability by maintaining identical database instances (two or more) through processes called synchronization and replication. Synchronization is the means of bringing a newly connected replica to an initially consistent state with the master.  Replication is the means of maintaining master-slave consistency by replaying transactions from the master to the slave.




Static synchronization Fast – Blocking
Hot synchronization Not as fast – Non-blocking
Asynchronous/Lazy/1-safe replication Fast

– Small risk of dropped transactions on failover
– Lower consistency



“Transaction Window” API can explicitly control the number of transactions at risk, and/or force synchronization of replica on demand

Synchronous/Eager/2-safe replication Not as fast – Guaranteed consistency
– No risk of dropped transactions on failover


It is important to note that eXtremeDB-HA replicates transactions, not individual insert/update/delete operations, and does so with real-time communication over TCP/IP, UPD/IP (with guaranteed delivery), Named Pipes and QNX Messaging.

eXtremeDB-HA replication through real-time communication assures the transactional integrity and consistency of databases, and nearly instantaneous failover if necessary. In contrast, other database management systems implement replication through log files, which results in higher latency and lower consistency.


Learn more about eXtremeDB High Availability database features: 

Features for a Faster Database

  • Multiple Database Index Types
  • Cache Management
  • Pipelining
  • Resource Conflict Resolution
  • Data Compression

And more

Features to Maximize Reliability

  • ACID-compliant transactions
  • Non-volatile memory support
  • Advanced debugging and corruption prevention

And more

Learn more about fault-tolerant High availability embedded database

Features to Reduce Memory Usage

  • Built on a in-memory database system
  • Minimizing stack
  • Custom, purpose-specific, memory allocators’

And more

Features for Professional Developers

eXtremeDB was developed to be a powerful tool for the professional developer, offering adaptable architecture, powerful run-time features, and unmatched developer flexibility.

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Learn more about eXtremeDB distributed database options

Flexible eXtremeDB offers professional developers the tools they need to tailor their data management needs. The table below summarizes the primary purpose and characteristics of different distributed database options and objectives (some of which may be combined, e.g. Sharding, Cluster and High Availability).

eXtremeDB cluster supports high availability and is fault-tolerant
Cluster is just one of the distributed database options of the eXtremeDB fault-tolerant and reliable database management system.

Learn more about the eXtremeDB fault-tolerant and reliable database management system.


eXtremeDB FAQs

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eXtremeDB documentation

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