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For hard real-time systems

Maximize Database Reliability

Features to look for in a reliable database management system.

Database system reliability encompasses protection from loss of database availability, safeguards on data integrity, and resistant to database corruption caused by application software defects.  eXtremeDB was designed from the beginning to maximize database reliability.

ACID-compliant transactions

eXtremeDB’s transactions support the ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) properties. This feature safeguards data integrity by guaranteeing that interdependent operations either complete together or are cancelled together.  Learn more about this and other key features.

Transaction logging

Transaction logging provides recoverability. While it might seem that transaction logging re-introduces on-disk storage overhead into in-memory databases (IMDS), McObject’s benchmark tests confirm that an IMDS with transaction logging still outperforms a traditional “on-disk” DBMS performing the same tasks, even when the on-disk database is fully cached.

Non-volatile memory support

Using non-volatile memory as storage, in-memory databases gain durability while keeping high performance. (For more in this topic, please review McObject’s white paper, Database Persistence, Without the Performance Penalty.)

High Availability

eXtremeDB’s high availability option ensures continuous database operation even in the face of hardware or software failure. eXtremeDB’s HA support includes both synchronous (2-safe) and asynchronous (1-safe) replication, with application-directed failover.


eXtremeDB’s clustering capability adds reliability via the presence of multiple, synchronized database instances maintained on two or more cluster nodes.

Advanced debugging and corruption prevention

The database runtime implements many verification traps and consistency checks. After application debugging, the optimized version of the eXtremeDB runtime can be used, removing traps and internal checks, and restoring valuable clock cycles. In addition, cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is built into the backup-and-restore feature for in-memory databases, to ensure the database was written in its entirety when saved, and has not been corrupted.  Learn more in our online documentation.

An additional benefit of using cyclic redundancy check is to detect unauthorized tampering with the database contents (without going through the eXtremeDB run-time). 

Type-safe API

eXtremeDB’s native C/C++ API is type-safe, so that any errors in data-typing are caught at compile time.  Read Toward self-diagnostic APIs for embedded systems, by McObject CEO Steve Graves, or visit our online documentation for more detailed information on this topic.

Built-in security features

eXtremeDB multi-layered security offers AES encryption and employs a user-provided cipher to prevent access or tampering. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) is supported in all communications (client/server, High Availability and Cluster).

Active Replication Fabric

eXtremeDB’s Active Replication Fabric has the capability to replicate data from the edge to the server, potentially through many tiers. It will intelligently queue data during network malfunctions or outages for later synchronization, and offers reliable database management for IoT systems.

eXtremeDB is used in systems that cannot afford to fail, from nuclear power plants to military aircraft.

eXtremeDB sets the standard in database management system reliability.  Industry leaders around the world depend on eXtremeDB for reliable embedded database management.


Read about Active Replication Fabric in our on-line documentation

Read Justifiably Taboo: Avoiding malloc-free APIs In Military/Aerospace Embedded Code. Dynamic memory allocation can cause latency and unpredictability. This Military Embedded Systems article by McObject CEO Steve Graves provides an alternative.

See a complete list of eXtremeDB features, including the type-safe native API, that maximize database reliability and flexibility.


Real-time systems require predictable response times, and need to be deterministic.  Learn more about eXtremeDB/rt for hard real-time systems.

Only the most reliable DBMS can be used in MILAERO and nuclear power plant systems

Operator Interface for the transportation subsystem, Radioactive Waste Treatment Facility, Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant. Real-time data populating the BISMARC interface is drawn from the eXtremeDB in-memory database. Read more in this Control Engineering article.

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White Papers for Professional Developers

McObject is continually researching, testing, improving on, and retesting our software in order to provide our clients with the best possible data management solutions. We invite you to read “Data Management for Military and Aerospace Embedded Systems” and more.

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eXtremeDB is database management wherever you need it.  It’s used by innovative industry leaders in over 30,000,000 deployments world-wide in these markets and others.

Network & Telecom

Network gear developers build on proven eXtremeDB speed and reliability, combined in-memory and persistent data layouts, optimized access methods and unmatched flexibility.

Consumer Electronics

JVC, DirecTV, GoPro and others all discovered that eXtremeDB’s small code size, portable data format and efficient use of compute & storage can reduce component cost while also supporting data-hungry new features.

Industrial Systems

eXtremeDB’s sophisticated event notification systems, time series data processing and high availability have powered its wide-spread adoption in SCADA, fleet management, smart building automation and other verticals.

Aerospace & Defense

Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, British Aerospace, EADS and others depend on eXtremeDB’s reliability, unmatched performance and broad platform support.


eXtremeDB optimization technology can dramatically boost utilities’ power generation yields. Distribution networks can become self-healing and bi-directional, enabling end-users to contribute power back to the grid.


eXtremeDB’s unique hybrid row- and columnar-layout (OLTP and time series) couples with pipelined functions for statistical analysis and scalable distributed database architecture power record-setting STAC-M3 benchmark results.

Hard Real-time Systems

eXtremeDB/rt is the first and only deterministic embedded DBMS for mission- and safety-critical hard real-time applications. It is built to satisfy strict requirements for timely execution of avionics and aircraft navigation systems, driver assistance systems, critical medical equipment and similar systems’ data management.

Big Data & Analytics

Columnar and row-oriented storage, a SQL engine infused with advanced analytics, and a scalable distributed architecture deliver speed and reliability to complex data-driven applications.


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Embedded Systems

From inception, eXtremeDB’s resilient and optimized storage capabilities uniquely qualified it to fuel database management for safety-critical and resource-constrained embedded applications.

Internet of Things

eXtremeDB’s Active Replication Fabric™ creates a data management foundation for the IoT ecosystem that seamlessly integrates edge and cloud applications’ storage and ensuring data safety all around.

 Find eXtremeDB in over 30,000,000 deployments worldwide.

McObject has been helping industry leaders optimize their data management strategy since 2001.  See a partial list of customers.


eXtremeDB FAQs

List of eXtremeDB features


eXtremeDB documentation

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No other database management system offers more to developers.

Hybrid data storage

Based on an IMDS tiny footprint eXtremeDB databases can be all-in-memory, all-persistent, or have a mix of in-memory tables and persistent tables with a simple database schema.

Active Replication Fabric

Active Replication Fabric™ offers reliable IoT database management by solving 5 key challenges for developers.

A hard real-time option

eXtremeDB/rt is the first and only deterministic embedded database management system for mission- and safety-critical hard real-time applications.


Pipelining combines built-in vector-based statistical functions into assembly lines of processing for time series data, with the output of one function becoming input for the next.

Row & columnar flexibility 

eXtremeDB offers columnar data layout for time series data. Combine row-based and column-based layouts in order to best leverage the CPU cache speed. Learn how.

Embedded and/or client server

Fast, flexible eXtremeDB is data management wherever you need it, and can be deployed as an embedded database system, and/or as a client/server database system.