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Embedded Database Support

McObject provides a variety of support options, both to assist those who are new to its technology, and to enable experienced developers to gain more from the eXtremeDB database management system and the Perst open source, object-oriented embedded database system.

This site offers several “self-serve” support options, including basic product information on the eXtremeDB technical specifications and Perst technical specification pages. A more detailed picture is available in the User’s Manual available for free on this Web site.

In addition, our FAQ pages address many technical and conceptual questions about the eXtremeDB, eXtremeDB for HPC, and Perst embedded databases, and are a must-read for anyone considering using the product.

Paid product support is available from McObject’s engineering team on an annual contract basis, and includes free software updates and a 50 percent discount on major upgrades. To find out about obtaining support, contact us today.

McObject also provides training courses, real-time database customization, database design and other consulting offerings – see our professional services page.