McObject wins 2018 IoT Vendor of the Year

Outstanding Structured Database in Big Data Excellence Awards.

for Device, Edge and Gateway

A powerful tool for the professional developer.

McObject Wins 2018 IoT Vendor of the Year Award
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for Device, Edge and Gateway

eXtremeDB named Outstanding Structured Database in the 2018 Big Data Excellence Awards
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IoT systems bring new challenges

eXtremeDB offers proven solutions because it was tailor-made for IoT edge devices.

Connection is not guaranteed

IoT edge devices may have intermittent connection to their cloud counterparts.

eXtremeDB solution

eXtremeDB enables tracking of the data between the storage container on the device and the cloud (i.e. what data changed since the last time a connection was established).  Learn more.

More data is shared

More and more, data from devices is streamed to a cloud for subsequent processing (e.g. analytics).

eXtremeDB solution

eXtremeDB has a concept of ‘storage containers’ for edge devices that can be mapped to a database in the cloud so that eXtremeDB can replicate it intelligently. Learn more.

Data security is paramount

eXtremeDB solution

We’ve upgraded eXtremeDB encryption for data-at-rest with an AES implementation, and utilize SSL/TSL to encrypt data-in-motion. Learn more.

IoT edge devices can be deployed & managed en masse

It is desirable to store device configuration data in the cloud database and push it down to the edge devices on demand.

eXtremeDB solution

Bi-directional replication. Replication used to be uni-directional, (e.g. from a master to a replica in a HA scenario,) but with eXtremeDB it can be bi-directional: from edge devices’ storage containers to the cloud, and from the cloud to edge devices. Learn more.

Connection bandwidth may be low

eXtremeDB solution

Replication used to be for High Availability or Cluster operations and the assumption was a fast communication channel. So compression was foregone in favor of saving the CPU cycles for maximum performance. That assumption breaks down with the IoT and low power/low bandwidth communication like, e.g., LoRaWAN, so compression can be enabled when needed. Learn more.

What makes eXtremeDB different?  The extensive combination of features.


Native and SQL APIs for C/C++, Java, C#, Python

eXtremeDB provides the developer with multiple application programming interfaces (APIs). Learn more about these and other features.


Flexible In-Memory & Persistent Architecture

eXtremeDB combines the strengths of the on-disk and all-in-memory approaches to data management in a single database system. eXtremeDB was originally designed an optimized as an in-memory database system. Learn why this is important.


ACID Transactions

Safeguard data integrity by guaranteeing that updates will complete together or the database will roll back to the pre-transaction state.


Designed to Prevent Data Corruption

Errors in data-typing are caught at compile time.


Security and Reliability

eXtremeDB protects your database with encryption, and CRC32 to detect tampering.


Database Indexes

B-Tree, R-Tree, Patricia Trie, KD-Tree, Trigram and Hash Indexes.


A Wide Range of Supported Data Types

eXtremeDB supports structures, arrays, vectors and BLOBs for maximum efficiency. Learn more about this and other key features.

Optional modules include:


An ideal solution for application development in fields where real-time responsiveness is a must and SQL is the dominant database language.

High Availability

An active-passive real-time distributed database system for systems with demanding “five-nines” reliability (99.999% up-time).


An active-active distributed real-time database system that manages databases across multiple hardware nodes, enabling two or more servers to share the workload.

All we do is database management systems.

eXtremeDB is versatile enough to be used in these markets and others.

Flexible enough for the IoT

eXtremeDB was the first in-memory embedded DBMS created specifically for real-time embedded systems.

We were IoT before it was cool.

Learn more about eXtremeDB for the IoT Edge

Learn more about eXtremeDB for IoT Big Data

Reliable enough for Aerospace and Defense

Enabling you to creat the highest possible code quality via C/C++ API’s type safety;
elimination of dynamic memory allocation; sophisticated debugging and error-handling.

Source code available

Learn more

Reliable enough for Aerospace and Defense

Enabling you to creat the highest possible code quality via C/C++ API’s type safety;
elimination of dynamic memory allocation; sophisticated debugging and error-handling.

Source code available.

Learn more

Small enough for Consumer Electronics

Code size as little as 200K

Hybrid storage to optimize for speed and persistence, while taking advantage of the most cost-effective and physical space-conserving data storage, critical in delivering a competitive user experience.  Learn more

Find eXtremeDB in over 28,000,000 deployments world-wide.  We’re honored to be used by companies that lead their industries.

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