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9 – 11 April  2024 in Nuremberg, Germany

Meet us at booth 5-171

Use code ew24518280 for a free ticket

Attend our presentation

“Predictable real-time data management over persistent storage media”

Embedded World 2024

Presented by Steve Graves, McObject CEO and Thom Denholm, Technical Product Manager of Tuxera

April 10, 2024 10:00 – 10:30, Session 5.7 Memory

Embedded designs with predictable performance requirements are subject to timing constraints – their response to events must fit within time frames that are known in advance. The growing complexity of real-time systems translates to more, and more complex, data to manage. Further, the volume of data may be such – or the regulatory need for data retention may mandate – that persistent media be introduced. However, NAND flash, SSD and RAM-disk introduce unpredictable latency. How can timing constraints be met in this case?

This paper discusses predictability aspects of real-time databases and introduces deadline management algorithms for transient and persistent storage devices. We provide a brief overview of traditional transaction processing policies for enforcing integrity of persistent databases, namely the Immediate Modification Logging and the Write Ahead Logging policies, and demonstrate their deficiencies in achieving transactions’ predictability. We follow with the introduction of the ShadowCopy (copy-on-write) technique that is shown to be better qualified for real-time transaction processing. We present the Shadow Copy-based parametric I/O model and demonstrate its applicability to real-time data kept on NAND flash, SSD and RAM disk mediums using actual storage stacks.

The Embedded World conference in Nuremberg, Germany, is a gold standard for exchanging information about embedded systems.  We were honored to have our CEO Steve Graves presenting.

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