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Our primary commitment to clients is ensuring that eXtremeDB supports their current needs and future growth.”

-McObject CEO and Co-Founder Steve Graves


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We are honored to be used by hundreds of customers in over 30,000,000 deployments world-wide. Below is a partial list of innovative industry leaders who have included our database management software in their systems. We are grateful that they chose us, and we will continue to provide the tools our customers need to enable optimization of their technology strategy.


“We determined that integrating a proven data management solution will shorten development and testing, cutting overall development costs. Our experience with eXtremeDB has borne out this prediction”

– f5, Customer since 2003


“After a stringent review process, we selected eXtremeDB because of its scalability; outstanding performance due to its sharding capability; and our confidence in McObject’s ability to offer a solid support team.”



“eXtremeDB-64 contributes significantly to trading platform robustness, with a proven database transaction mechanism that is optimized for high throughput.”

– Dalian Commodity Exchange


“eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s performance and fault-tolerance make it a natural fit for database processing in the enhanced order-execution system.”

– TradeStation


“In addition to its positive impact on our business, eXtremeDB is well-designed to solve the unique development challenges of data management for real-time embedded software.”

-Schneider Electric


“In addition to speed and the ability to process large quantities of data, clients also require richer data sets for golden price generation, which is what eXtremeDB will help us do outstandingly well.”

– GoldenSource


“Reliability is absolutely critical to our customers, which was one of the key reasons for choosing McObject’s eXtremeDB.”

– Sandvine


“McObject also demonstrated a flexibility and depth of support not found with other vendors.”

– BlueScope


“Among other benefits, eXtremeDB makes it simple to configure databases and tables using the product’s schema compiler.”



“eXtremeDB High Availability will provide the highest degree of reliability for the Apache’s mission-critical systems.”

– Boeing


“eXtremeDB replaces the relational database management system (RDBMS) that previously supported middle-tier functions in existing products….A growing volume of data at this level of the system is what prompted our company to seek a database solution that offers greater efficiency.”

-63 Moons


“Before moving to the architecture using distributed databases, Spirent evaluated eXtremeDB against three other in-memory databases. It was by far the fastest database we could find.”



“eXtremeDB offers reliability, development efficiency, and the flexibility to cost-effectively add on new application features in the future.”

-Genband (Now Ribbon)


“eXtremeDB delivered scalability and low overhead ……Two other important eXtremeDB strengths were available database system source code, and the fact that we found McObject’s support staff to be very responsive.”



“Our evaluation determined that eXtremeDB outperforms other in-memory database systems, meeting [our] current needs and, just as importantly, accommodating future growth.”




“Integrating McObject’s eXtremeDB
instead of developing real-time database code from scratch saved six programmer-months in developing the trading turret.”

-IP Trade, now part of BT


“eXtremeDB has enabled us to reduce latency to the sub-millisecond level per order while implementing a complex risk and compliance system.”  

–NSE.iT Limited


“The McObject database system’s ability to meet stringent fault-tolerance requirements was a major reason for its adoption.”



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