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Embedded Database FAQs

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eXtremeDB Embedded FAQs

We hope that you find the following embedded database FAQs helpful. If you have any further questions please call us at 425-888-8505 or email us at

eXtremeDB for High Performance Computing combines our available modules into the most powerful solution for managing time series data. Please follow this link to eXtremeDB for HPC FAQs.

What is eXtremeDB?

eXtremeDB is a database system product family. Originally developed as an in-memory database system (IMDS) for use in embedded systems such as industrial control and telecommunications equipment, eXtremeDB retains a core IMDS architecture but provides optional persistent (on-disk) storage and supports hybrid database designs that incorporate both in-memory and persistent storage. It is used widely in embedded and non-embedded applications that require fast performance, efficient hardware utilization and a high degree of developer flexibility.  This link will take you to a complete list of key features.


What are eXtremeDB modules?

In addition to the original, core product, the eXtremeDB family of products includes multiple modules that are licensed as add-ons, and provide capabilities ranging from SQL support to database clustering and high availability. The editions are not mutually exclusive. Please follow this link for an overview of the different eXtremeDB modules.

What is eXtremeSQL?

eXtremeSQL is a high-performance implementation of the SQL database programming language for the eXtremeDB product family. With eXtremeSQL, McObject targets enterprise software developers and other prospective users who prefer to create database applications using SQL. eXtremeSQL also supports horizontally partitioned (sharded) databases and distributed query processing for elastic scalability to accommodate truly Big Data.

What is eXtremeDB for High Performance Computing?

eXtremeDB for HPC is McObject’s specialized database system for capital market and IoT Big Data applications. eXtremeDB for HPC comprises a super-set of the eXtremeDB modules, i.e. it combines all of their capabilities, and adds additional ones. Chief among these are its support for column-based handling of time series data (market data, such as trades and quotes, and IoT sensor data), and an extensive library of vector-based functions for statistical analysis of columns of time series data. To better serve this specialized technology market and to present the product’s unique features, McObject maintains a separate FAQ page for eXtremeDB for HPC.

What is Perst?

Perst is a high-performance, embedded object-oriented database system for Java and C# (.NET). Perst is tightly integrated with the programming language. There is no gap between the database and application data: Perst stores data directly in language objects. Therefore, there is no need for object packing and unpacking code, traditionally required by relational databases and object-relational mapping.

Perst is McObject’s Open Source product that is available under the GNU Public License (GPL) or a commercial license from McObject if you cannot accept the terms of the GPL.

McObject also offers Perst Lite: A Java ME database.

How can I evaluate eXtremeDB?

The eXtremeDB runtime is platform-independent, so you don’t need the actual hardware platform to evaluate eXtremeDB features and its use, or to build test benchmarks or a prototype for the eventual application. Download one of the eXtremeDB evaluation packages. Evaluation packages are currently available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, QNX, Linux, VxWorks, INTEGRITY RTOS, HP-UX, and Solaris. These packages include complete documentation, the eXtremeDB runtime, the schema compiler, and plenty of samples that illustrate various features and programming techniques. Evaluation packages for other eXtremeDB modules (e.g. High Availability, Cluster, etc.) are available upon request – please email us.

We strongly recommend you start the evaluation process by visiting the online documentation pages that walk through the installation. Install the software using the provided installation program. Build the samples according to the readme file. Spend some time reading through the User’s Guide and, as different features are discussed, refer to the appropriate samples. Build some tests to measure the performance and memory usage. Contact us if you need assistance with the evaluation process. We will make sure that you get answers to all your questions in a timely manner, and will gladly assist you.

You can find more about our STAC independently audited benchmark tests here.

How are software updates handled?

McObject offers an annual technical support and software maintenance contract. This entitles the developer to unlimited technical support through any channel (telephone, email, etc.), free updates (version number updates to the right of the decimal point, e.g. from 7.0 to 7.1) and free upgrades (version number updates to the left of the decimal point, e.g. from 7.0 to 8.0).

Is source code available for eXtremeDB?

Yes.  McObject’s philosophy is to make the source code available and affordable for developers.  Please contact us for more information.

Is it possible to get pre-built object code versions of the eXtremeDB runtime?

McObject provides pre-built binaries of the eXtremeDB library, eXtremeDB extensions and Data Definition Language compiler for most architecture/compiler combinations. For embedded platforms that we don’t directly support, if you provide us with your tool chain, we’ll build the object code for your target system.

Who is using eXtremeDB?

eXtremeDB provides a fast, cost-effective embedded database solution in numerous industry sectors, including consumer electronics, network infrastructure and telecom devices, military/aerospace, industrial control and real-time financial applications.  We are honored to be found in over 30,000,000 deployments around the world, in quality products by industry leaders.

Follow this link to eXtremeDB for HPC FAQs.

If our embedded database FAQs page did not answer your questions, we encourage you to contact us and our engineers will get back to you.

We are a dedicated group of specialists and our only focus is database management systems.  Did you find the Webinar about eliminating database corruption interesting?  We invite you to review additional research, and evaluate our software.