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OS and Tools Alliances

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McObject has partnered with the following operating system and software development tool vendors to provide first-rate integration and support for the eXtremeDB embedded database with their respective systems.  Learn how we made eXtremeDB a platform independent database management system for RTOS.

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AbsInt provides advanced development tools for embedded systems, and tools for validation, verification and certification of safety- and security-relevant software. Their products include static analyzers to find critical runtime errors in C/C++ code, to compute worst-case stack usage and worst-case execution time, and the formally verified compiler CompCert. The static analyzer RuleChecker that checks compliance to coding guidelines is currently used by McObject to engineer the first MISRA-compliant embedded database system, eXtremeDB. More information on

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DDC-I Deos

Deos™ has been field proven as a safety-critical RTOS since its first verification and audit to DAL A by Transport Canada in 1998, and it has been certified and is flying in 10’s of thousands of aircraft. Since the initial verification, it has continually evolved throughout the last two decades with new processors and features in subsequent baselines, and it has been successfully audited by the world’s various governmental certification authorities (FAA, ENAC, JAA, EASA, CAAC, and others) and Airframe and Avionics Supplier Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs). Learn more at


eCosCentric specializes in products and services for the eCos open source real-time operating system. eCosCentric products include eCosPro Developer’s Kits – industrial strength distributions of eCos, and a range of middleware including USB, SSL, SSH, mDNS, Java, flash filesystems, eXtremeDB database & CAN. Services offered consist of custom engineering, porting, support, training, and consultancy. Taken together, eCosCentric’s product and service offerings provide a total solution for commercial embedded product development with eCos. For further details visit

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Developed in partnership with the world’s leading chip companies over a 15-year period, FreeRTOS is a market-leading real-time operating system (RTOS) for microcontrollers and small microprocessors. Distributed freely under the MIT open source license, FreeRTOS includes a kernel and a growing set of IoT libraries suitable for use across all industry sectors. FreeRTOS is built with an emphasis on reliability and ease of use.  Learn more at

Green Hills Software

Green Hills Software is the largest independent vendor of embedded development solutions and is the only company with an operating system certified and deployed to EAL6+ High Robustness (security), DO-178B Level A (avionics), IEC 61508 SIL3 (industrial) and FDA Class III (medical). Our open-architecture, integrated development solutions address deeply embedded, absolute security and high-reliability applications for the military/avionics, medical, industrial, automotive, networking, consumer and other markets that demand industry-certified solutions. For more information, visit Green Hills Software on the web at


With High Performance Computing (HPC) from HPE, you can overcome the barriers to supercomputing and compete in increasingly aggressive markets. When you are tasked with solving the world’s largest scientific, engineering and data analysis problems, you need the planet’s most powerful, most efficient machines.

HPE makes supercomputing more accessible and affordable for an ever-widening variety of organizations and industries.  Visit the HPE website to learn more.



Lynx has crafted and adapted platform architectures for builders of safety- and security-critical software systems.  LynxOS-178® is developed and certified to the distinguished FAA DO-178C DAL A safety standard and received the first and only FAA Reusable Software Component certificate for an RTOS. It supports ARINC API and FACE standards.

Lynx is helping customers build Mission Critical Edge platforms for avionics, unmanned aerial systems, satellites and for industrial applications. Lynx’s products—founded on the LYNX MOSA.ic framework—enable customers to deliver deterministic real-time performance on multicore processors that are also running rich operating systems such as Windows® and/or Linux®. Combining Lynx technology, 3rd party operating systems, and system integrations, these products extend Lynx’s role into software that delivers system-to-system connectivity, management, and reconfigurability.


Micrium is a global RTOS leader for microprocessor, microcontroller and DSP-based devices.µC/OS™ is the leading commercial RTOS for embedded systems, and features a wide array of connectivity options. Micrium® Spectrum™ is a pre-integrated end-to-end portfolio of embedded software, protocol stacks and cloud services to facilitate development of the IoT from device to the cloud. Micrium’s RTOS kernel and software components are recognized for unparalleled reliability, performance, dependability, impeccable source code and extensive documentation. They are ideally suited to all embedded vertical markets, with solutions certified to meet rigorous safety-critical standards for industries such as medical electronics, avionics and industrial control. For additional information, visit:

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Azure ThreadX

ThreadX has been one of the most popular RTOS, and Microsoft is one the most significant innovators for the Internet of Things (IoT).  ThreadX provides priority-based, preemptive scheduling, priority inheritance, efficient timer management and fast software timers.   Learn more at

Windows Embedded

The Windows Embedded family of operating systems is the comprehensive software platform to bring the next generation of intelligent, connected devices to market faster. Visit Microsoft Partners to learn how these embedded technologies can be used to scale to a broad range of intelligent devices from small, battery-operated devices to large-scale, mission-critical, dedicated server appliances. McObject’s partnership with Microsoft extends back to 2001.

Mentor Graphics

The Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division is a leading provider of embedded software solutions that accelerate product time-to-market in a wide range of embedded device applications. The company is best known for the Nucleus RTOS, a full featured operating system combining an extremely efficient kernel with essential core services such as networking, USB, graphics, WIFI, file system, security and bus support.

The latest version of Nucleus ReadyStart includes distribution with the popular Inflexion UI and a complete development environment. For more information, data sheets and free downloads please visit or contact

MontaVista Software

MontaVista Software is the leading embedded Linux provider for the communications market, delivering a complete, flexible and open operating system that allows system designers to innovate across a wide range of mobile and wireless devices and communications infrastructures. MontaVista products include MontaVista Linux Professional, Mobilinux and Carrier Grade Editions. MontaVista DevRocket, a powerful integrated development environment, delivers state-of-the-art development tools across all product Editions.

MontaVista Linux is a universal development platform that helps customers differentiate their products, get them to market faster at lower overall development costs. MontaVista Linux is the preferred choice of some of the world’s largest corporations.

Founded in 1999, by real-time operating system pioneer James Ready, and headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, in Santa Clara, Calif., MontaVista Software is a privately held company funded by leading venture capital firms and strategic corporate investors. For more information about MontaVista Software, please visit

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The advanced PX5 RTOS is one of the smallest, fastest, safest, and most secure real-time operating systems on the market today. Combined with broad processor/tool support and a native implementation of the industry standard POSIX pthreads API, the PX5 RTOS enhances your development, enables cross-platform application sharing, and helps protect your software investment.

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QNX Software Systems

Founded in 1980, QNX® Software Systems is the industry leader in realtime, microkernel OS technology. The inherent reliability, scalable architecture, and small memory footprint of the QNX Neutrino RTOS make it the most trusted foundation for future-ready applications. Companies worldwide like Cisco, Delphi, Siemens, Alcatel, Texaco, and Ford depend on the QNX technology for network routers, medical devices, intelligent transportation systems, safety and security systems, next-generation robotics, and other mission-critical applications. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, QNX Software Systems maintains offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, and distributes its products in more than 100 countries worldwide. To learn more about QNX please visit blackberry.qnx.en.

Red Hat

Red Hat revolutionized the operating system with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. They now have a broad portfolio, including hybrid cloud infrastructure, middleware, agile integration, cloud-native application development, and management and automation solutions. With Red Hat technologies, companies can successfully adapt as business becomes more digital and interconnected. Visit them at

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Real-Time Innovations (RTI)

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) is the largest software connectivity framework provider for smart machines and real-world systems. The company’s RTI Connext® software enables intelligent architecture by sharing information in real time, making large applications work together as one. With over 1,800 deployments, RTI software manages diverse data traffic in combat management systems on US Navy ships, connects perception to control in UAVs and autonomous ground vehicles, drives a new generation of medical robotics and more. The company is the leading vendor of products compliant with the OMG® Data Distribution Service™ (DDS) standard. RTI Connext is integrated with McObjects eXtremeDB to streamline the management of real-time data-in-motion within complex mission-critical military and aerospace systems.

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Since 1992, embOS has been the preferred RTOS choice for engineers in the embedded market. It offers ease-of-use and guarantees 100% deterministic real-time operation for any embedded device. This real-time operating system is highly portable and fully source-compatible on all platforms, making it easy to port applications to different cores. Tasks can easily be created and safely communicate with each other, using communication mechanisms such as semaphores, mailboxes, and events.  Learn more at

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Nucleus® RTOS enables system developers to address the complex requirements demanded by today’s advanced embedded designs. Nucleus brings together kernel-rich functionality and tooling features ideal for applications where a scalable footprint, connectivity, security, power management, and deterministic performance are essential. Nucleus RTOS is a proven, reliable, and fully optimized RTOS. Nucleus has been successfully deployed in highly demanding markets with rigorous safety and security requirements such as industrial systems, medical devices, airborne systems, automotive and more.  Visit


SUSE works with an ecosystem of partners and communities to deliver enterprise-grade, open source software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions backed by superior service and support.

Visit them at

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Wind River

Wind River is a global leader in delivering software for the intelligent edge. The company’s technology has been powering the safest, most secure devices in the world since 1981 and is found in billions of products. Wind River offers a comprehensive portfolio, supported by world-class global professional services and support and a broad partner ecosystem. Wind River software and expertise are accelerating digital transformation of mission-critical intelligent systems that will increasingly demand greater compute capabilities while delivering the highest levels of security, safety, and reliability. To learn more, visit Wind River at

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wolfSSL focuses on providing lightweight and embedded security solutions with an emphasis on speed, size, portability, features, and standards compliance. Current products  include the wolfSSL embedded TLS library, wolfCrypt embedded crypto engine, wolfCrypt FIPS, DO-178C, wolfMQTT, wolfSSH, and wolfSSL JNI wrapper. wolfSSL has support for complete RTCA DO-178C level A certification, offers FIPS 140-2 and 140-3 compliance, and an Ada/SPARK binding is now available through the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library. It is dual-licensed to cater to a diversity of users ranging from hobbyists to those with commercial needs. We are happy to help our customers and community in any way we can. Our products are open source giving customers the freedom to look under the hood. Learn more at