McObject Wins 2018 IoT Vendor of the Year Award
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eXtremeDB named Outstanding Structured Database in the 2018 Big Data Excellence Awards
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eXtremeDB for Device, Edge, Gateway

eXtremeDB combines on-disk and in-memory data storage in a single embedded database system, so developers can optimize applications for speed and persistence, giving you flexibility to prioritize between performance, cost, power, and space-conserving storage options. Offering native and SQL APIs for C, C++, C#, Java and Python.

eXtremeDB for HPC 

eXtremeDB for HPC combines on-disk and in-memory data storage in a single database system that can be deployed as an embedded database system or elastically scalable client/server distributed database (read more about sharding here).  Extend the power of eXtremeDB with Cluster and High Availability, an SQL API and LUA stored procedure language.

Extend the power of eXtremeDB with distributed database capability (Cluster and High Availability), an SQL API, and Transaction Logging.  

eXtremeDB HA and Cluster

Cluster is McObject’s distributed real-time database system. It manages databases across multiple hardware nodes, enabling two or more servers to share the workload. It dramatically increases available net processing power, reduces system expansion costs, and delivers a more scalable and reliable database solution.

High Availability (HA) enables synchronization of two or more databases within separate hardware instances using communication channels implemented over standard or proprietary protocols.

Not sure if Sharding, High Availability or Cluster are the right technical solution? Here, we compare and contrast them.

eXtremeDB SQL

eXtremeSQL is McObject’s high performance implementation of the popular SQL database programming language. SQL can be used directly, or through ODBC or JDBC. eXtremeSQL provides broad coverage of SQL standards, plus eXtremeDB-specific extensions including support for nearly all eXtremeDB native language data and query types, a sophisticated distributed query engine and a library of over 100 vector-based functions for time series analytics.

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eXtremeDB Transaction Logging

eXtremeDB Transaction Logging is primarily used with in-memory databases to provide recoverability by writing database changes into a transaction log on persistent media (change data capture). Logging may be set to different levels of transaction durability, allowing system designers to make intelligent trade-offs between performance and risk of unrecoverable transactions. The Transaction Logging module offers two other important benefits for in-memory or persistent databases: fine-grained data sharing and sophisticated event notifications. See Data Relay and Persistent Queue of Events.

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What makes eXtremeDB an excellent tool for the professional developer?  The extensive list of key features.