Real-time Database for Industrial Control

eXtremeDB supports both in-memory and on-disk data management for the maximum speed and predictability demanded by industrial systems.  eXtremeDB is used world-wide for real-time control in manufacturing, energy extraction, transportation, telecommunications and other fields.

Secure with SSL, TLS and AES

We’ve upgraded eXtremeDB encryption for data-at-rest with an AES implementation, and utilize SSL/TLS to encrypt data-in-motion. Learn more.

Designed to prevent data corruption

eXtremeDB’s Type-safe API Eliminates Database Corruption. CRC checksum detects unauthorized modification. Learn more.


Real-time responsiveness

When used as an in-memory, embedded database system, eXtremeDB eliminates sources of latency such as cache misses, interprocess communication, remote procedure calls and creation of multiple copies of data. Click to learn more about eXtremeDB in real-time systems.

Compatible with all embedded/real-time operating systems

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Proven with over 28,000,000 deployments world-wide

eXtremeDB was released in 2001.  We are honored to be deployed in a wide variety of systems from factories to satellites; AgroTech to fighter jets.

As process control systems continue to evolve, their software applications become more complex, and often require embedded databases to provide timely access to, and processing of, massive amounts of data.

A control application’s input data must be correlated, merged, and/or compared across all data objects and across time, for filtering or analysis. The data must be shared by concurrent tasks that have different functions, timing requirements and degrees of importance.

The eXtremeDB small footprint real-time database is being used successfully to meet these demands.  While traditional databases have long served as back-end repositories for control systems, eXtremeDB differs in that it serves as a persistent or in-memory database system that is integrated within the control systems’ real-time processes.

As an in-memory database system, eXtremeDB can achieve predictable response times in the microsecond range, is designed to operate in the harsh environment of real-time systems, with strict requirements for resource utilization, and is ready to provide the performance and reliability required by real-life control applications.

The following figure shows the place for eXtremeDB in systems utilizing embedded controllers.

“One of the main attractions of eXtremeDB IMDS is that it is a close fit with the existing architecture, reducing the requirement for major changes to the application code. This makes it an extremely cost-effective solution to implement and manage on an ongoing operational basis.”

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Diagram of industrial control data management

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The diagram represents the data-centric view of the control process: data collected by sensors in the form of input signals is stored in the real-time database. Output signals are generated by the controller’s data management services and are delivered in real-time through the control distribution modules to the controlled equipment (assembly line, motor, generator, combustion engine, etc.,) to support critical processes. 

We are honored to be included in over 28,000,000 around the world.  Find eXtremeDB used by industry leaders in industrial control and other demanding markets.