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Time Series Database for Financial Systems

eXtremeDB for HPC offers powerful features for a competitive edge.

eXtremeDB for HPC time series database delivers the most powerful solution for managing market data while maximizing productivity through open, developer-preferred languages, making it the ideal database for financial systems.

What sets eXtremeDB for HPC apart?


Dramatically accelerate processing when combining the database system’s rich library of vector-based statistical functions into assembly lines of processing for market data.

Row & column layout

eXtremeDB for HPC enables database designs that easily combine row-based and column-based layouts for time series data using a simple schema.

Built-in vector-based Statistical Functions

eXtremeDB provides an extensive library of over 150 vector-based statistical functions for time series analytics. Functions execute over one or more sequences of data (typically time series data, such as trades and quotes), cutting latency by maximizing the CPU cache use.

Flexible hybrid storage

Built on a highly efficient in-memory database system (IMDS) design that removes the I/O, cache management, data transfer and other sources of database latency.

More features to choose from

Created to be a powerful tool for the developer, eXtremeDB offers more features than any other database management system for unmatched flexibility.

Standard features, ideal for financial systems.

Groundbreaking speed

eXtremeDB offers a competitive advantage in trading system design, risk, order book and other financial systems via groundbreaking speed as confirmed by audited STAC-M3 benchmarks and other tests.

Scalable low latency processing

Easily shard (distribute) data to leverage multiple cores, CPUs and/or servers, while isolating client applications from the complexity with eXtremeDB’s distributed query engine which presents a distributed database as a single contiguous whole and allows for 99.999% uptime high availability.

Features to maximize reliability

eXtremeDB offers a full suite of features to maximize reliability including ACID-compliant transactions, a type-safe API, advanced debugging and corruption prevention tools and more.

Interoperability & SQL

eXtremeDB ’s fast, native C/C++ API interoperates fully with its SQL API. The native interface is ideal for time-sensitive operations while the SQL API (with its JDBC & ODBC support) permits higher level access and interfacing with external systems.

Support for market data

Built-in feed handlers and support for time series data (e.g. market tick data) stored in a columnar format maximizes the flow of relevant data into CPU cache, for unparalleled execution speed of complex algorithms.


Multi-Version Concurrency Control dramatically improves scalability and performance, while simplifying application logic by eliminating the need for code to manage pessimistic database locking.

What is pipelining, and how does it reduce latency?

Pipelining is the programming technique in eXtremeDB that accelerates processing by combining the database system’s vector-based statistical functions into assembly lines of processing for market data, with the output of one function becoming input for the next. Calculations are pipelined in order to keep data within CPU cache during its transformation by multiple functions. Without pipelining, interim results from each function would be transferred back and forth between CPU cache and main memory, imposing significant latency due to the relatively lower-bandwidth front side bus (FSB) or quick path interconnect (QPI) between the two.

Learn about eXtremeDB for in-database analytics

Learn more about eXtremeDB for managing market data

Proven the fastest analytics for time series data. Review our audited STAC benchmark test results.

Pipelining is just one of the reasons eXtremeDB is ideal for trading system development
Goldensource research proved eXtremeDB ideal for trading system development

“In addition to speed and the ability to process large quantities of data, clients also require richer data sets for golden price generation, which is what eXtremeDB will help us do outstandingly well.”

Dalian research proved eXtremeDB ideal for trading system development

“eXtremeDB-64 contributes significantly to trading platform robustness, with a proven database transaction mechanism that is optimized for high throughput.”

Tradestation research proved eXtremeDB ideal for trading system development

“eXtremeDB Financial Edition demonstrated performance that is an order of magnitude better than other DBMSs we evaluated.”


eXtremeDB has set STAC speed records year after year.  Click to find a list of our independently audited benchmark tests.

Review lists of eXtremeDB features that maximize database managmement system speed and reliability.

Unmatched Features

Read the extensive list of features available in eXtremeDB for HPC.

eXtremeDB for HPC is ideal for managing market data

The Ideal Database for Financial Systems

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