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Articles about Database Management for the Professional Developer

McObject is proud to employ some of the best database management system specialists in the field.  We invite you to read their published articles.

McObject’s embedded database technology is the subject of many articles, by customers, journalists and our own engineers. We invite you to browse our extensive library of published articles about database management topics.  


Recent Articles

Chart of transaction timelines for conventional and real-time databases in several scenarios.

Buy vs. Build for Time-Critical Sensor Data Fusion

What exactly is “real-time”? This article looks at its permutations and offers insight into time-critical sensor data fusion and its role in database systems. Read the article in

Image of Abdelouahab Khelifati, one of the authors of the Time Series Database Systems for Monitoring Applications benchmark

On Benchmarking Time Series Database Systems for Monitoring Applications. Q&A with Abdelouahab Khelifati and Mourad Khayati

December 18, 2023  “Time Series Database Systems (TSDBs) are specialized database systems designed to efficiently manage high-frequencytime series data. Unlike relational database systems, TSDBs rely on the general assumption that queries do not target individual tuples but summarized entries in a time interval.”

Andrei Gorine, CTO and co-founder of McObject

On Real-time Databases. Q&A with Andrei Gorine and Steve Graves

October 9, 2023  “Another rapidly evolving concept is real-time mixed criticality systems that integrate components with different levels of criticality onto a single computing platform.”


Shared Data in Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) Configurations

August 23, 2023  Heterogeneous systems have two or more cores with different instruction set architectures with more than one operating system running on the device. By dividing tasks between different processors, heterogeneous system designs cover multiple requirements such as energy efficiency, performance and safety, and make them fit for real-time critical applications.


The Data in Hard Real-time SCADA Systems Lets Companies Do More with Less

August 11, 2023. The latest database technology allows the capture and utilization of previously out of reach data found in mission-critical SCADA systems. Read the article in

energy central logo

Latest embedded DBMS supports asymmetric multiprocessing systems

May 24,2023.  McObject’ latest eXtremeDB/rt 1.2 release supports heterogenous architectures with different CPU architectures executing different operating systems and have a large amount of shared memory.  Read the article.

electronic design article, Real-time database systems are not actually real-time. Unless they are.

Real-time database systems are not actually real-time. Unless they are.

January 31, 2023.  A blog post by McObject CEO Steve Graves. Many real-time systems need a database. However, choosing one can be challenging depending on performance requirements. Find the full text at

Image from the blog post, Dogmatic views on safe languages used for mission- and safety-critical applications

Dogmatic views on safe languages used for mission- and safety-critical applications

December 20, 2022.  A blog post by McObject CTO Andrei Gorine, highlighting a few challenges and sharing a few lessons learned about memory management in embedded applications for safety-critical system development, reliability and dependability.  Find the full text at

COTS Cover photo July 2022

Soft v Hard Real-time Systems

November 4, 2022.  This short article emphasizing distinctions important to developers of safety- and mission-critical hard real-time systems.  Read more at  

C is alive and well article, article by McObject CTO Andrei Gorine

C is Alive and Well

July 30, 2022.  This article is a counterpoint by McObject CTO Andrei Gorine to an article published on Embedded, “Is It Time to Retire C?” Read our reply at

with real-time systems there is a line in the sand

What is and what isn’t a hard real-time database system?

May 29, 2022 blog post. Surprisingly, it’s not as simple as it sounds, but perhaps we could start by defining a few terms.  Learn more at

Podcast Debate: Database Speed and Security on the IoT

Podcast Debate: Database Speed and Security on the IoT

April 29, 2022 Does storing data on the edge minimize or increase data security risk? (Spoiler: we think it increases data security risk.)  Read the debate at

Real-time transaction timeline

On Embedded Database Management Systems. Q&A with Christopher J. Mureen

April 1, 2022  “Since the inception and creation of eXtremeDB, McObject has taken the view that a DBMS should be flexible to address all developer requirements.” Read more at

Real-time transaction timeline

On Using In Memory Database. Interview with Jonah H. Harris

March 21, 2022 “Whether it’s adding features, fixing bugs, or improving performance, it all comes down to the quality of the code.”–Jonah H. Harris.

AI and ML research is rapidly growing. Staying on top of those advancements to identify key strategic opportunities and improvements that deliver novel and strategic solutions, which solidify our position as leaders in personal connection, is paramount.  Read the rest at

Real-time transaction timeline

Embedded Databases in Real-Time Systems

March 14, 2022, Real-time systems are evolving at an incredible rate. Real-time systems used to be relatively simple, like the anti-lock braking systems in aircraft and, later, automobiles. Today, real-time systems are more complex. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are kind of the poster child.  Learn more in the article in Circuit Cellar.

11 Myths About In-Memory Database Systems

11 Myths About In-Memory Database Systems

February 14, 2022, In-memory database systems have become popular and commonplace in the 2000s. Nevertheless, misinformation and misunderstandings still abound about the technology. This article in Electronic Design will attempt to set the record straight.

Steve Graves, President and CEO, McObject

Embedded Executive: Steve Graves, President and CEO, McObject

January, 2022  Read the interview reviewing key concepts in real-time computing at,

eXtremeDB/rt deterministic DBMS

Databases in Hard Real Time

October 15, 2021 McObject Launches True Real-Time Deterministic Database for embOS Real-time Operating System Applications, read the article at

eXtremeDB/rt deterministic DBMS

On eXtremeDB/rt. Q&A with Steven Graves

By Roberto Zicari October 7, 2021.  “Real-time analytics has nothing to do with real-time systems.”  Read the blog.

eXtremeDB/rt deterministic DBMS

McObject CEO Steve Graves will be presenting “Real-Time Database Management in Mission and Safety-Critical Applications” at the 14th ESE Kongress, digital.

This presentation will review the important distinctions of a deterministic real-time database management system, and crucial features for systems that cannot miss deadlines.  Read more in, or please find his talk in this schedule.

eXtremeDB/rt deterministic DBMS

Keeping A Mission-Critical Deterministic DBMS On Time

Open-source and commercial database management systems (DBMSs) have been used in embedded systems for more than 20 years. For the most part, developers don’t even debate whether to buy or build their own DBMS for embedded systems; that component is almost always bought.  Get the news from

eXtremeDB/rt deterministic DBMS

Real-time tasks need real-time data

Hard real-time systems are following the same trajectory as embedded and soft real-time systems: They’re more elaborate systems that are being required to do more with more data that’s more complex. Historically, real-time system developers have had to separate database management from hard real-time tasks, do without, or develop their own real-time database management.  Read the Wind River blog.

McObject eXtremeDB logo copyright McObject

Code Size vs. Memory Footprint And Why They Matter

The terms “code size” and “footprint” are often used interchangeably. But they are not the same—code size is a subset of footprint. In this article, McObject CEO Steve Graves explains the difference and relevance. He then describes some techniques to minimize footprint.  Read more in Circuit Cellar

embedded computing design logo

Change Data Capture in Embedded Databases

Change Data Capture (CDC) is broadly defined as tracking changes in a database. The purposes of tracking changes are many and varied. CDC in embedded database systems can be implemented in several different ways that are sometimes invisible to applications, and ways that applications can exploit for data sharing, responding to events, and incremental back up.  Read the article in Embedded Computing Design.

Comparing Optimistic and Pessimistic Concurrency

Usually (with rare exception), a database is a shared resource, meaning that it is used concurrently by two or more tasks. This leads us to the topic of concurrency control; i.e. how do we coordinate a tasks’ access to the database?  This is part-and-parcel of providing a database management system that adheres to the ACID properties.  Read the article.

The importance of distributed databases for the Internet of Things

With IoT applications, the need for data volume in databases can increase rapidly. Time and space efficient use of logical databases is crucial. So-called distributed databases play an important role here – but which approach is the most suitable for IoT applications?  Read this article on (Page will translate)

McObject eXtremeDB Embedded Database System

When choosing your embedded database, areas that truly matter and distinguish solutions are write speed, automatic synchronization at scale, and an architecture that skillfully contends with nodes when they are offline.  Read the article from MCG Global Services.

Distributed Database Systems’ Relevance to the Internet of Things

This paper will cover the types of distributed database systems in the context of edge, fog and cloud computing, explain “when, how and why” the data is distributed, and why those details make certain distributed database systems applicable (or not) to specific needs in edge, fog and cloud computing.  Read the article on

IoT: Implications on Database Management

Steven Graves, President and CEO of McObject, will be speaking at the ESE Conference on 3 December at 8:50 AM.  IoT: Implications on Database Management is about the meteoric rise of the IoT ecosystem has put pressure on database management system vendors to keep up with the technical challenges and to differentiate themselves in a large pool of possible solutions.  Read the article on

The 10 Most Scalable Cloud Solution Providers of 2019

September 23, 2019 Mirror Review McObject LLC: Providing Cloud-Based Powerful Database Management Systems For Enterprises Read the article.

Embedded Database Systems in the Age of IoT

June, 2019 circuit cellular Tech the Future guest article by McObject CEO Steve Graves Read the article.

The 10 Most Innovative Big Data Analytics Companies

May 20, 2019 Analytics Insight Organisations all around the globe have started adopting optimised technologies for the ideal use of resources to pave the way for growth and success. The whole network working in a digital savvy ecosystem has one core thing – that is data…  Read the article.

And the Best in Show Winners Are…

May 20, 2019 Embedded Computing One of the main events of last week’s IoT World Conference and Expo was Embedded Computing Design’s Best in Show Award announcements. Eight entries were deemed to be worthy of awards, which were on display at the event.  Read the article.

Notes on IoT Database Management – Part 2

May 7, 2019 Embedded Computing Design guest blog written by our own CTO Andrei Gorine. Part 2 addresses security issues and code quality.  Read the article.

Notes on IoT Database Management – Part 1

April 30, 2019 Embedded Computing Design guest blog written by our own CTO Andrei Gorine. Part 1 addresses some of the IoT challenges that IoT engineers and database management system vendors must address to create successful systems.  Read the article.

What is a Distributed Database System?

August 30, 2018 IoT Agenda.TechTarget by McObject CEO Steve Graves.  An in-depth article about three use cases integral to the deployment of scalable and reliable IoT systems.  Read more.

On Time Series Analysis and Big Data. Interview with Andrei Gorine

May 6, 2018 by Roberto V. Zicari, An interview with Andrei Gorine, Chief Technical Officer and McObject co-founder.  Interview topics include time series analysis, “in-chip” analytics, efficient Big Data processing, and the STAC M3 Kanaga Benchmark. Read more.

A McObject Focus—What’s Changing in the Satellite Industry?

January 18, 2018 SatMagazine, By Steve Graves, Chief Executive Officer, McObject  The satellite industry could be said to be facing three challenges: the extreme environment in which satellites operate, the cost of getting the satellites into orbit and the cost of failing to get the satellites into orbit — these three challenges make the data that satellites collect exceptionally valuable.  Read more.

The Internet of Things, Database Systems and Data Distribution, Part Two

November 16, 2017 by McObject CEO Steve Graves.  In Part Two, Steve explores data distribution considerations between edge devices, gateways and servers in the cloud.  Read more.

The Internet of Things, Database Systems and Data Distribution, Part One

November 9, 2017 by McObject CEO Steve Graves.  In Part One, Steve explores data management considerations on edge devices, gateways and in the cloud.  Read more.

The Industry Discusses MiFID II, Part I

October 30, 2017 John Lothian News  Filmed at the 33rd FIA Expo in mid-October, a variety of industry participants, including Ian Hillier-Brook, CEO of MCO Europe, about upcoming milestones and trends in financial markets. Click here to watch.  4:52 minutes

The Internet of Insurance Things

August 2, 2017 by McObject CEO Steve Graves. How will the IoT affect the insurance industry with all the tools it can provide?  Read more.


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Database Usage in Rail Systems, – February 1, 2017  As rail systems generate more data, developers need to rethink where and how they process information. Legacy systems moved data to the control center for analysis, but modern systems often keep this functionality on the train. Read more.


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