An Energy Industry Solution

eXtremeDB is a proven energy and smart grid solution.

Up and down the energy industry supply chain, emerging solutions generate a flood of data that must be captured and analyzed in real-time.

With help from McObject’s eXtremeDB, optimization technology can dramatically boost utilities’ power generation yields. Distribution networks can become self-healing and even bi-directional, enabling end-users to contribute power back to the grid. Buildings, factories and residences can fine-tune consumption through intelligent control systems.


Why is the energy industry choosing the eXtremeDB product family for systems ranging from nuclear plant safety to solar power optimization?

Performance – Core in-memory database system (IMDS) architecture delivers responsiveness measured in microseconds, which is critical for applications that are responsible for grid or plant safety, or for making real-time decisions to optimize energy production.

Efficiency – With a tiny footprint eXtremeDB is a practical choice for field-based devices that incorporate minimal hardware resources.

Fault-tolerant – Power generation and transmission applications are mission-critical, and the eXtremeDB High Availability edition provides a proven, “always on” database solution.

Virtually indestructible – Software coding errors can compromise safety. eXtremeDB’s type-safe API is a key tool that eliminates a common category of bugs, and its other advanced debugging features add further stability.

Data integrity – ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) transactions support the gold standard in protecting data integrity.

Multi-core optimizedMulti-version concurrency control (MVCC) transaction manager boosts speed and scalability in multi-threaded, multi-core environments, which are increasingly the norm in energy industry applications.

ScalableeXtremeDB-64 (64-bit edition) is proven in in-memory deployments scaling to more than a terabyte of data, with breakthrough performance. Ideal for managing the massive amounts of data needed to predict and control events in today’s highly complex power grid

Flexible storage – The eXtremeDB Hybrid database offers the strengths of the on-disk and all-in-memory approaches to data management in a single database system. Applications can blend persistent (i.e. flash or hard disk) and in-memory storage, enabling optimization for persistence and performance as well as cost and form factor.

Open replication – Fine-grained data-sharing with enterprise systems (such as energy companies’ billing, analysis and commerce applications) via eXtremeDB Data Relay.

Portable – Broadest support for OSs and RTOSs (including the ability to run without an OS), source code available

ProveneXtremeDB customer deployments include nuclear power plants, solar power electronics, “smart” building systems, power grid fault detection and prevention, and in fields such as aerospace, defense and communications that demand maximum performance and reliability.


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“We determined that integrating a proven data management solution will shorten development and testing, cutting overall development costs. Our experience with eXtremeDB has borne out this prediction”

– Customer since 2003


“It was more than twice as fast as the second-place database.”


“In addition to speed and the ability to process large quantities of data, clients also require richer data sets for golden price generation, which is what  eXtremeDB will help us do outstandingly well.”


“After a stringent review process, we selected eXtremeDB because of its scalability; outstanding performance due to its sharding capability; and our confidence in McObject’s ability to offer a solid support team.”


“Reliability is absolutely critical to our customers, which was one of the key reasons for choosing McObject’s eXtremeDB.”


eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s performance and fault-tolerance make it a natural fit for database processing in the enhanced order-execution system.”

BAE Systems

“Among other benefits, eXtremeDB makes it simple to configure databases and tables using the product’s schema compiler.”


eXtremeDB helped cut 18 programmer months from the development cycle.”

Schneider Electric

“In addition to its positive impact on our business, eXtremeDB is well-designed to solve the unique development challenges of data management for real-time embedded software.”


“Leveraging a tightly integrated database engine like McObject’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) eXtremeDB offers reliability, development efficiency, and the flexibility to cost-effectively add on new application features in the future.”

Dalian Commodity Exchange

eXtremeDB-64 contributes significantly to trading platform robustness, with a proven database transaction mechanism that is optimized for high throughput.”

Transaction Network Services

“Our evaluation determined that eXtremeDB outperforms other in-memory database systems, meeting [our] current needs and, just as importantly, accommodating future growth.”

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