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eXtremeDB for HPC Evaluation Software

The ideal database management system software for Cloud, Analytics and Financial Systems.

We invite you to evaluate the latest version of McObject’s eXtemeDB for HPC software free of charge.  Complete documentation is included in each package, or can be accessed online.

eXtremeDB for HPC

Trial versions of McObject’s real-time database system for high performance computing (algorithmic trading, risk management, IoT analytics, etc.). Specialized features include columnar data layout and a library of vector-based statistical functions, for optimal handling of time series data; and xPanel, a GUI-based dashboard for configuration, monitoring performance, database browsing and more.

eXtremeDB for HPC (was Financial Edition) for Linux (64-bit)

eXtremeDB for HPC (was Financial Edition) for Linux (32-bit)

eXtremeDB for HPC (was Financial Edition) for Windows (64-bit)

eXtremeDB for HPC (was Financial Edition) for Windows (32-bit)

eXtremeDB SQL Demo

This is a 64-bit Windows program that demonstrates the execution of complex SQL queries using columnar storage and the eXtremeDB xSQL server. The program loads historical market data and in multiple threads executes a RSI (Relative Strength Index) – based algorithm that seeks buy (long) and sell (short) signals, displaying the results in charts.

Click the link below to start the download.

eXtremeDB SQL Demo

eXtremeDB xPanel

eXtremeDB xPanel for Linux

eXtremeDB xPanel for Windows

eXtremeDB xPanel for MacOS

For more information about the xPanel please visit that section in our online documentation.

Try the eXtremeDB xPanel with the free HPC trial software

Best Development Tool & Operating System at IoT World

IoT Vendor of the Year 2018

Outstanding Structured Database 2018

Best Big Data Analytics & Technology Provider

Amazon Web Services

Evaluate, purchase and deploy eXtremeDB for HPC within the almost unlimited AWS framework.