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Features for Better Sharding Performance

eXtremeDB utilizes distributed query processing to offer scalable data management and ultra low latency.

eXtremeDB offers ultra fast, elastically scalable data management.

With this feature, databases are partitioned (“sharded”), with each partition/shard managed by an instance of the DBMS server. Shards are typically distributed on a storage array (which may be a SAN) – with each server keeping a CPU core busy – or distributed across different physical servers with their own storage systems. 

Distributed query processing across multiple servers, CPUs and/or CPU cores accelerates performance.  The difference can be dramatic in some cases, with parallel execution of database operations and by harnessing the combined processing power, memory and I/O bandwidth of many nodes rather than just one.

eXtremeDB offers 3 features for Better Sharding Performance

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eXtremeDB offers three important features for better sharding performance.

1) Each shard can have one or more backup (replica) copies, which in addition to delivering high availability via failover, can also share the query processing load.


Distributed query processing across multiple servers, CPUs and/or CPU cores accelerates performance — dramatically, in some cases — via parallel execution of database operations.


99.999% uptime with High Availability.  eXtremeDB-HA delivers the highest degree of reliability, along with its unsurpassed performance and exceptionally small footprint.

2) The developer can easily specify the storage (in-memory or persistent) for each table, which is ideal for handling streaming and historical data within a single database architecture. Or, all tables can be in memory, or all persistent.


eXtremeDB offers hybrid storage built on an in-memory database management system.  The resulting database system retains in-memory strengths (speed, small database footprint, intuitive native API, etc.), yet leverages the potential cost savings and increased durability of an on-disk database.  Learn why this matters.


eXtremeDB offers multiple features to optimize a database for speed.  Review a list of features to look for if speed matters to your next project.

3) A flexible data layout means database designs can combine row-based and column-based layouts, in order to best leverage the CPU cache speed.


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The flexible data layout is made possible by an eXtremeDB exclusive feature called Pipelining Calculations are processed in the cache in order to keep data within CPU to slash latency.

Piplining avoids latency-inducing throughput between main memory and CPU cache

Without pipelining

Scalable distributed database contrast and compare

eXtremeDB offers different distributed database options to address different objectives. This table summarizes primary purpose and characteristics of each option (some of which may be combined, e.g. Sharding, Cluster and High Availability).

eXtremeDB HA scalable database

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eXtremeDB offers the fastest tick database: an ideal SQL solution for time series analytics. Review our audited benchmark test results.

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