eXtremeDB-64:  McObject’s 64-bit Database


eXtremeDB 64

McObject’s eXtremeDB-64 database provides the real-time 64-bit processing to greatly accelerate sorting, retrieving and analyzing with very large data stores.

eXtremeDB-64 is a hybrid embedded 64-bit database that enables developers to combine all-in-memory with on-disk data storage in the same application. Use the following link for more details on the hybrid capabilities of eXtremeDB-64.

Compared to traditional 32-bit processors, 64-bit technology approximately doubles the amount of data a CPU can handle per clock cycle, and increases the amount of memory a system can address, from approximately 3GB, to more than one terabyte (1000GB).

With eXtremeDB-64, McObject moves to the forefront of embedded databases in providing 64-bit support. Other 64-bit databases (both in-memory and on-disk) are client-server products that entail separate database server and client application processes. In contrast, as an embedded database, eXtremeDB is a library that is linked with the client application. This eliminates client/server inter-process communication latency, providing eXtremeDB-64 with another significant performance advantage.

Consider the eXtremeDB-64 benchmark results from a test involving a very large database (VLDB), shown in Figure 1, below, that we feel merit the term “extraordinary.”

Screen shot from eXtremeDB-64 bit database benchmark

Figure 1. Benchmark test performed using eXtremeDB-64 for Linux running on 160 core SGI Altix server, 1.1 terabyte database.

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