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Managing Market Data

Our goal is to give our customers a competitive edge.

eXtremeDB for Financial Systems
eXtremeDB for Big Data & Analytics

eXtremeDB for HPC meets the specialized requirements of managing market data with several powerful features

Flexible data layout

eXtremeDB for HPC implements columnar data layout for fields of type ‘sequence’. Sequences can be combined to form a time series, ideal for working with tick streams, historical quotes and other sequential data. This technology supports database designs that combine row-based and column-based layouts, in order to best leverage the CPU cache speed. Learn how.


Vector-based statistical function library

Vector-based statistical functions provide high efficiency by executing over all or part of one or more sequences.  This in turn supports assembly lines of operations on sequences, for statistical/quantitative analysis.

Boolean, add, subtract, multiply, divide, compare, not, and, or, xor, conversion, weighted sum, weighted average, covariance, correlation, conditional operations, difference, concatenation, max, min, sum, product, count, average, variance, standard deviation, user-defined functions, and more  . . . see a complete list

eXtremeDB for HPC provides a rich library of vector-based statistical functions that execute over sequence to accelerate management of time series data.

Handles streaming and historical data

eXtremeDB for HPC’s in-memory storage is ideal for streaming data, while developers can easily specify persistent tables for historical data with a simple notation in the database schema.

Developer programming skills are fully interchangeable between in-memory and persistent database designs.  (In other words, developers needn’t learn two database system products for streaming and historical data).

eXtremeDB is ideal managing market data with columnar data sequences

Traditional DBMSs bring rows of data into the CPU cache for processing. But financial data – such as trades and quotes – are better handled by a column-based layout that avoids flooding the cache with unwanted data.


Record-setting performance

Designed for speed and efficiency, eXtremeDB for HPC (formerly the Financial Edition) offers:

  • Record-setting performance, year after year. 
  • An ultra-fast and flexible market data feed handler.
  • A highly efficient in-memory database system (IMDS) design that removes the I/O, cache management, data transfer and other sources of DBMS latency.
  • For historical or OLTP data, eXtremeDB for HPC offers a wide array of performance-enhancing features, such as pre-warming the cache, cache prioritization, and many more.

Read about it in Inside HPC, or see for yourself with free evaluation software.

What makes eXtremeDB different?

Our extensive combination of features.  Learn about features designed to:

No other database management system offers more to developers.

Hybrid data storage

Based on an IMDS tiny footprint eXtremeDB databases can be all-in-memory, all-persistent, or have a mix of in-memory tables and persistent tables with a simple database schema.

Active Replication Fabric

Active Replication Fabric™ offers reliable IoT database management by solving 5 key challenges for developers.

A hard real-time option

eXtremeDB/rt is the first and only deterministic embedded database management system for mission- and safety-critical hard real-time applications.


Pipelining combines built-in vector-based statistical functions into assembly lines of processing for time series data, with the output of one function becoming input for the next.

Row & columnar flexibility 

eXtremeDB offers columnar data layout for time series data. Combine row-based and column-based layouts in order to best leverage the CPU cache speed. Learn how.

Embedded and/or client server

Fast, flexible eXtremeDB is data management wherever you need it, and can be deployed as an embedded database system, and/or as a client/server database system.