eXtremeDB Persistence Options

More about Transaction Logging     More about Clustering     eXtremeDB, an In-Memory & Persistent Database 

More about Transaction Logging     More about Clustering
eXtremeDB, an In-Memory & Persistent Database 

In-Memory Database with Transaction Logging

  • Retains all-in-memory nature
  • Write-ahead-logging (WAL)
  • Control over ‘durability’ ACID property
  • Time to reload/restore from a previous session is a function of (A) the size of the database, (B) the size of the log file, if any, and (C) the speed of the media
  • Can also be used for fine-grained data sharing  
  • Can also be used for persistent queue of events

Hybrid/Persistent Database

  • Database can be larger than available memory
  • Write-ahead-logging (WAL) or “UNDO” logging
  • Control over ‘durability’ ACID property
  • Constant time to open the database, irrespective of database size