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Python Interface

Learn more about the eXtremeDB Python API

The fastest possible data management in Python.

McObject provides a native application programming interface (API) for the eXtremeDB database system, offering the fastest possible DBMS solution in Python.

Python is a programming language that is favored by many data scientists/analysts. With a Python database, developers can create prototypes and validate their ideas in a few lines of code while utilizing a vast set of powerful development tools and libraries. Using Python alongside the eXtremeDB database system, developers can implement their ideas quickly and optimize data intensive algorithms rapidly by testing changes to code, database tables, and indexes.

Diverse index types increase application speed when working with complex data structures.  Learn more.

Python SQL

The eXtremeSQL Python wrapper supports the SQL API to operate on eXtremeDB databases using the Python API Specification eXtremeSQL is an ideal solution for application development in fields where immediate responsiveness is a must and SQL is the dominant database language. eXtremeSQL can be used as a persistent SQL database, an in-memory SQL database, and an embedded database system.


Read about SQL Application Development in Python in our on-line documentation


Read about cross-platform database application development in our on-line documentation


Need distributed data management in Python?  Try the eXtremeDB Python xSQL Server 


Review Python SQL samples

eXtremeDB Python SQL

Developing in Python

The eXtremeDB Python API consists of a set of classes that encapsulate the native C API functions that make up the eXtremeDB runtime. The usage of these classes is demonstrated in the Python SDK Samples. Also read Application Development in Python for general principles of eXtremeDB application implementation using Python.

The eXtremeDB database management system was originally designed and optimized to be an in-memory database system (IMDS) and this distinction allows for improved performance. Learn why here.  Read about developing a Python in-memory database in our online documentation.

Security Features

eXtremeDB offers secure data management in Python.  Unlike servers, IoT edge devices run in the open and don’t enjoy IT staff attendance, sophisticated firewalls and other security apparatus available at the back-end.


eXtremeDB security features include Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections, a standard security technology that creates an encrypted link between two endpoints.


Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) on the database page level detects any unauthorized modification to stored data


AES encryption employs a user-provided cipher to prevent access or tampering

A Reliable, secure Python database

Active Replication fabric means reliable database management for IoT and support on all platforms from edge to cloud.

The eXtremeDB Active Replication Fabric APIs allow device-based applications to collect data, then transmit the collected data when connected. Likewise, they also allow replicating server-side data to IoT devices; a common task for new device configuration and provisioning. Data flow is fully automated through the Active Replication Fabric. The APIs provide automatic or on-demand data exchange between collection points and servers. 

Active Replication Fabric offers reliable data management for IoT by solving 5 challenges for IoT system developers:

• Bidirectional Replication
• Intermittent connections
• Multi-tier replication (e.g. edge-to-gateway-to-gateway-to-cloud)
• Security
• Compression to maximize limited bandwidth networks

Learn more about the eXtremeDB IoT Software Development Toolkit.  The eXtremeDB IoT SDK runs on the device, gateway and server, a bundled setup that eliminates the need to learn different DBMS and leverages staff skills.

eXtremeDB with Active Replication Fabric offers reliable data management in Python

eXtremeDB is the best database for Python developers because it offers a unique combination of features not found in any other database management system.

Review the extensive list of features.

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Learn more about the eXtremeDB Python in-memory database

HTML Documentation

Our HTML documentation includes an extensive online library to introduce using eXtremeDB with the Python API, walk you through the installation process, and elaborate on the use of key features.

Online DBMS documentation menu items include: