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RadiCo Corporation

“Keeping the most up-to-date data on the controller and continuing to monitor plant systems even in the face of communication failure is of paramount importance.  eXtremeDB adds to this ability tremendously.” 


Failure is not an option.

With the addition of this on-device database, RadiCo’s industrial controllers can now operate independently—an important capability if communication with the back end is temporarily severed.

Radico’s developers chose the eXtremeDB In-memory Database System (IMDS) for their embedded systems because of its performance, and also praised its easy-to-use intuitive programming interface.

Research and Industrial Corporation, RadiCo, is based in Obnisk, Russian Federation. For the last decade the company has provided innovative technologies and world-class radiation monitoring systems and radiation control services to nuclear facilities in the Russian Federation and Europe. Power plants like Leningrad NPP, Novovoronezh NPP and Kalinin NPP depend on RadiCo technology for radiation monitoring software. Among RadiCo customers are such industry leaders as Canberra Industries and the Russian state enterprise ROSENERGOATOM. For more information visit

eXtremeDB offers reliable data management for the power industry
Nuclear power demands a reliable DBMS

“We had to make sure the controller application could store and retrieve data in microsecond time frames, guaranteed. McObject’s eXtremeDB in-memory database system is a natural choice for applications that require this kind of real-time data processing,”  RadiCo’s senior developer said.

“Reliability and safety are the major requirements in the nuclear industry. Keeping the most up-to-date data on the controller, and continuing to monitor plant systems in the face of communications or back-end disruption, is of paramount importance. eXtremeDB adds to this ability tremendously,” said German Kashey, RadiCo chief technology officer.

Read the press release: RadiCo Chooses McObject eXtremeDB and QNX Neutrino For Mission-Critical Radiation Monitoring System.

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Operating System:QNX® Neutrino®
CPU Architecture:Intel® Pentium®
On-device database:eXtremeDB

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