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Webinar: Add ‘Always On’ High Availability to Embedded Database Apps

July 1, 2008 — Are you developing communications equipment, industrial control, aerospace systems or other applications that demand the highest availability of real-time mission critical data?

McObject’s free 1-hour webinar, “Embedded Databases: Building In ‘Always On’ High Availability“, offered on July 10th and 11th, presents development solutions that address the “always on” needs of fault-tolerant systems — while also taming these applications’ growing data complexity. (The event is timed conveniently for the Asia/Pacific, North America and Europe/Middle East/Africa regions.)

Many developers are improving embedded applications’ reliability, scalability and time-to-market by integrating an off-the-shelf database system; often they choose in-memory database systems (IMDSs), for faster performance, greater efficiency and a smaller code footprint.

This unique seminar highlights the issue of operational continuity: how can a RAM database survive the failure of the software or hardware environment in which it operates? How can a database system (in-memory, or not) meet demanding performance needs while also providing fault-tolerance?

In this presentation, McObject CEO Steve Graves lays out specific strategies to address this challenge. Attendees will learn:

• General principles of database High Availability (keeping an application or service continuously operational – 99.999% uptime is the benchmark)
• Techniques to HA-enable an application on both Master and Replica database nodes
• Speeding development and preserving platform-independence by using an HA Application Framework
• Synchronous (“eager”) vs. asynchronous (“lazy”) replication
• The role of time-cognizance in deterministic HA applications

In the event’s Q&A session, attendees can leverage Mr. Graves’ 20+ years of embedded database experience to address their own data management and High Availability challenges.

Learn to reap the benefits of High Availability in real-time embedded applications by attending “Embedded Databases: Building In ‘Always On’ High Availability” on July 10 or 11th!