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Webinar: Using Data Indexes to Boost Performance and Minimize Footprint in Embedded Software

Are you using data indexes to boost performance in locating data objects in embedded software?  If so, the right index can enhance lookup speed logarithmically, while reducing RAM and CPU demands. While the B-Tree is the best known index, there are many others can be more efficient in specific circumstances, such as ingeospatial/mapping and telecom/networking applications. This Webinar examines less well-known indexes including T-Tree, Hash table, R-Tree, Patricia trie and others. It emphasizes index implementation methods that avoid data duplication, to minimize memory footprint.

eXtremeDB provides specialized indexes to facilitate particular types of database search and navigation.

  • B-Tree
  • Patricia Trie (ideal for managing IP addresses)
  • R-Tree (example using spatial coordinates)
  • KD-Tree (example using Query-by-example)
  • Trigram (using Trigram indexes for text searches)
  • Autoid indexes and unique Object Id searches
  • List indexes

Visit the index page in our online documentation.

View short segments from the Webinar about these indexes:

  • Patricia trie

  • T-tree

  • B-tree

  • R-tree

  • Hash indexes

We are a dedicated group of specialists and our only focus is database management systems. 

Did you find the Webinar about using data indexes to boost performance interesting?  We invite you to review additional research, and evaluate our free trial software.

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We invite you to review our documentation after watching the video Webinar about using data indexes to boost performance

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