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eXtremeDB offers Time-Cognizant Eager Replication

Partial Replication
Stateful Replication
Synchronous Replication
Asynchronous Replication

Time-cognizant Eager Replication

Embedded and other systems frequently impose strict processing deadlines. Eager/synchronous/2-safe replication implies that the initiating task is blocked at the time of transaction commit, while the eXtremeDB High Availability subsystem transmits the transaction through the communication channel and waits for an acknowledgement (ACK) from the replica. A time-cognizant approach to synchronous (aka eager, 2-safe) transaction replication ensures that control returns to tasks at the master node within a specified period of time, and that network communication problems, or problems with the replica, don’t leave the master waiting indefinitely. Tasks can maintain predictable response times.



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