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Scaling IoT Applications – Panel Discussion Part II

Understanding how to scale IoT applications from prototype to production is a critical component in IoT deployment success. In Part I of this Webinar, the IoT panel discussed scaling by sensors, performance, users, and geography. In Part II, industry experts focus on IoT industries and applications, describe the scaling considerations, and then review the tools, architectures and key components used to move the application from prototype to successful deployment. Join industry expert panelists, including McObject CEO Steve Graves, as they cover a range of topics from scaling dimensions and associated challenges such as field upgrades, to deployment management, and security issues as IoT deployments scale. Sponsored by McObject, Ayla Networks, Intel, Red Hat and RTI.

Initially hosted by Embedded Computing.  Embedded here with permission.

Watch Scaling IoT Applications – Panel Discussion Part I

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“The IoT Technology Piece No One Is Talking About”  – Embedded Computing Design  (Hint: it’s edge nodes, and we’ve been talking about it since 2016.)

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