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McObject’s Embedded DBMS and Texas Instruments’ DaVinci™ Technology Revolutionize Biometrics-based 3D Face Recognition Product

September 10, 2008 — With the help of the eXtremeDB™ Fusion embedded database management system from McObject® running on embedded Linux, and media processors based on DaVinci™ technology from Texas Instruments (TI), the enterprise access control division of L-1 Identity Solutions has revolutionized the architecture of its 3D face reader product, moving the processing “smarts” from a connected server to the device itself in order to deliver a new level of speed and convenience for users.

The new face reader system now accomplishes key computing tasks including image processing and facial search and matching on the device, eliminating its back-end industrial server. This improvement saves on shipping cost and installation complexity, and also minimizes space requirements, so that the security technology is even more unobtrusive in the high-traffic workplaces for which it is designed.

In accomplishing the change, L-1 sought out and integrated new, specialized components that could help implement its all-embedded vision for the device. Best-of-breed hardware and software that play key roles include eXtremeDB™ Fusion, a commercial, off-the-shelf embedded database used to store both facial parameters and usage logs within the face reader, as well as digital media processors based on DaVinci technology from TI that combine a general purpose core with powerful image processing.

Real-Time Embedded Database Supports Data-Intensive Biometrics

Facial recognition technology is inherently data intensive. To identify a person, the L-1 Identity Solutions’ 3D facial recognition system generates over 40,000 precise measurements, compares them to a stored facial “template” approximately 10 MB in size, and instantly grants or denies access.

The new 3D face reader upgrades proprietary data management code with eXtremeDB Fusion, a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded database system. Using McObject’s proven database in the solution reduces development and quality assurance cycles. Features such as support for transactions (a logical unit of work) and automatic recovery safeguard data integrity while ensuring stable, continuous unattended operation.

Speed is a major advantage of facial reader systems and eXtremeDB Fusion was chosen in part for its exceptional performance. In addition, the eXtremeDB Fusion system’s small footprint, at approximately 100K code size, reduces memory demands, providing a check on the device’s bill-of-materials cost.

In addition, with eXtremeDB Fusion’s hybrid data storage, selected records can be managed entirely in memory while others are saved to an SD card or flash memory chip—giving product designers the flexibility to configure storage based on desired persistence, performance, cost and form factor.

“McObject is excited that our embedded database system played a role in enabling L-1 Identity Solutions Enterprise Access Division to design and build its next generation biometrics technology, and now assists the 3D face readers in their critical task of securing workplaces,” said Steve Graves, CEO and co-founder, McObject. “The project illustrates how benefits such as performance, ease of development, desired form factor and low production costs are often secured early in a product’s life, at the stage of comparing and choosing technology building blocks.”

Dual Processor Adds Fast, Efficient Image Processing

L-1 chose TI’s powerful TMS320DM6446 digital media processor based on DaVinci technology as the key processing hardware in the new 3D face reader for its performance, form factor and efficiency for an all-embedded design.

TI’s DM6446 device combines an ARM9 core with a TMS320C64x+™ digital signal processor (DSP) as well as extensive peripherals and accelerators to enable fast, high-definition (HD) image processing needed to identify facial details instantly and precisely. By combining the DSP with a general purpose processor, one component instead of two is used in L-1 Identity Solutions’ 3D face reader, leading to reduced cost and space requirements.

“The high performance coupled with the imaging processing capabilities of TI’s digital media processor make it an ideal and highly cost-effective component for the 3D face reader,” said Jacob Alamat, product manager, catalog digital media processors, TI. “With the combined expertise from McObject, L-1 Identity Solutions Enterprise Access Division and TI, the new 3D face reader is a robust solution to address even the most demanding physical access control requirements.”


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