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McObject Releases New White Paper

September 10, 2001 — To survive in the market, intelligent devices such as set-top boxes, networking gear and wireless appliances must rapidly expand their features. This means adding software “smarts” and managing larger volumes of more complex data-a challenge typically met with database management systems (DBMS). But traditional databases, with roots in business processing, present CPU and memory requirements that are too expensive for the embedded systems found in price-sensitive high-tech gear.

The situation demands a new kind of data management engine, designed to exclude unnecessary, business-oriented processing layers while delivering developer tools for the tightest possible integration. A new white paper from McObject LLC, “Re-inventing Data Management for Intelligent Devices”, examines the new on-device database requirements, and looks at one product, eXtremeDB, developed in response to these needs.

The white paper is available for free download from