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Perst Embedded Database Enhances Software for Genetics Revolution

May 18, 2010 — OmicSoft, a provider of powerful software tools for working with genetic and genomic information, has integrated the Perst™ open source, object-oriented embedded database system from McObject® in its Array Server software used by pharmaceutical companies, university labs and other research organizations working to advance the frontiers of biological science.

By migrating to Perst from a self-developed database solution, Array Server significantly expanded its value to users: scientists can leverage double the amount of project and sample meta-data stored in the product, streamlining their research efforts and broadening potential areas of investigation. Perst also cut OmicSoft’s development costs by contributing “effortless” portability, shaving six programmer-months when porting the initial Array Server for Windows to a Linux version, OmicSoft President Jack Liu said.

With OmicSoft’s toolset, users can analyze, visualize and manage biomarker data, or DNA sequences that are of interest in studying diseases and other physical process. Array Server is the company’s enterprise solution, enabling scientific team members within institutions to gain productivity by storing, searching, and integrating projects and information, and easily sharing analyzed data with clients and colleagues.

Within Array Server, Perst manages this meta-data and contributes highly efficient text search, enabling end-users to quickly access information by project name or disease area, or perform more complex queries that span projects and identify gene areas of interest. In addition, Perst’s object-orientation makes it easy to give end-users the capability to change data designs, even without using the database’s schema evolution features, Liu said.

As an open source embedded database, Perst’s source code is freely available. Access to database source code streamlined programming and debugging of Array Server by providing a clear view into Perst’s operation, Liu said.

OmicSoft determined that substantial demand for Array Server existed on both Linux and Windows platforms. Available Perst source code added to Array Server’s portability, and an even more critical Perst feature was its support for Mono, an open source, cross-platform implementation of C# and the common language run-time (CLR) that is binary compatible with Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

The company developed its Array Server for Windows with support for Mono. It was then easily able to re-use that code, including the database, in a Linux version.

“We saved 6 programmer months by taking advantage of Perst for .NET’s Mono support,” Liu said. “Porting the database portion of Array Server to Linux was effortless with Perst.”

“With the help of powerful software tools like Array Server, scientists are steadily advancing both the theory and application of genetic science every day. We’re pleased that OmicSoft is able to expand end-users’ capabilities by incorporating the Perst embedded database in Array Server, while improving its own business position by reducing development costs,” said Chris Mureen, McObject’s chief operating officer.

The open source Perst embedded database, with complete source code, is available for free download from

Perst and Perst Lite are part of McObject’s family of powerful small footprint, high performance embedded database software products. The eXtremeDB® in-memory embedded database from McObject is used widely in devices including MP3 players, WiMAX base stations, digital TVs, telecom/network communications equipment and military/aerospace technology. Perst is available for Java and .NET, including Java ME and .NET Compact Framework. CA’s Wily Technology credits Perst with delivering a shortened development cycle and a ten-fold performance improvement within its real-time Java application.


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