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Perst 4.0 Embedded Database Broadens Solution for the .NET Framework

February 25, 2009 — McObject® has released Perst™ 4.0, the latest upgrade of its open source, object-oriented embedded database for Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Version 4.0 greatly expands Perst’s usefulness in a broad range of C# applications by enabling it to add persistence to any object—including objects created by other programs, those for which source code is unavailable, and even objects created in different programming languages.

The Perst 4.0 release caps a series of substantial upgrades, resulting in a Perst for the.NET Framework that is substantially faster and more scalable, provides richer programming tools and solves a wider range of application development challenges. Recent improvements include:

  • Support for Language Integrated Query (LINQ), which adds SQL-like data querying and filtering, type safety, and greater programming efficiency via the IntelliSense feature in Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) or fine-grain locking, enabling multiple simultaneous users to work more efficiently with Perst
  • Simplified management of database index updates
  • The k dimensional tree (KD-Tree) data index for spatial and pattern-matching applications (adding to the R-Tree, T-Tree, B-Tree and other indexes already supported)
  • Full-text search, both as a native Perst feature and through integration with the Apache Lucene information retrieval library
  • A revamped, MSDN-like Perst API guide for .NET Framework users
  • A new 38-page Introduction and Tutorial that guides users through Perst’s features and design principles, using both explanation and C# code examples.

In the just-released Perst 4.0, new support for “foreign” objects brings Perst’s benefits of high performance, a small footprint, and features such as ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) transactions, a SQL-like interface and specialized collections classes to many new categories of applications developed in C#.

From its inception, Perst has been able to create and manage objects derived from its Persistent class. Version 4.0 enables the embedded database to store objects derived from any class. As a result, Perst can be added as storage for existing applications such as commercial or open source class frameworks, including GUI classes, object-request brokers, and industry-specific solutions; UML modeling tools that generate classes from wizards; and programs whose source code is not available.

“We are pleased to work with McObject on the latest upgrade of its Perst embedded database for the .NET framework,” said Valerie Olague, Senior Partner Marketing Manager at Microsoft Corp. “The database provides programming resources that assist developers and OEMs in overcoming challenges, reducing time-to-market and driving the next generation of smart, connected, service-oriented devices.”

“Recent industry consolidations have reduced the number of vendors specializing in embedded database technology,” McObject CEO and Co-founder Steve Graves said. “Our improvements to Perst demonstrate McObject’s commitment to offering an open source database for the .NET Framework, with characteristics such as a small footprint, zero administration and fast performance that make it ideal for embedding. We will continue to expand Perst’s usefulness in solving the widest range of .NET Framework database management challenges.”

Perst 4.0 for the.NET Framework, with full source code, can be downloaded from


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