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At Embedded World 2005, McObject Releases SQL Interface for eXtremeDB

February 15, 2005 — McObject®, developer of the eXtremeDB™ in-memory embedded database, announced the impending release of eXtremeSQL™, a high-performance implementation of the popular SQL database programming language for use with eXtremeDB. With eXtremeSQL, McObject targets the real-time enterprise software market by greatly simplifying programming with its database for corporate developers using SQL.

McObject’s official release of eXtremeSQL will coincide with the start of Embedded World 2005 Conference and Exhibition in Nuremburg, Germany on February 22. McObject is an exhibitor at Embedded World, in Hall 11, booth 11-100.

The new interface strengthens eXtremeDB’s appeal for application development in fields such as banking and securities trading, where real-time responsiveness is a must and SQL is the dominant database language.

In addition to its usefulness in new enterprise applications, eXtremeSQL joins eXtremeDB’s XML interface in providing a vital tool for eXtremeDB-based embedded systems to share data with corporate applications such as billing, shipping, customer relationship management, and enterprise databases.

Since its release, the eXtremeDB database’s unmatched performance, minimal footprint and sophisticated programming features have driven its widespread adoption in real-time applications. By eliminating disk I/O, caching and other high-overhead functions, eXtremeDB enables data management at near RAM-access speed, while offering critical database features such as concurrent data access, transactions and flexible indexing.

However, many corporate developers have asked for a SQL interface to reduce their learning curve with the product while maintaining eXtremeDB’s performance advantage.

McObject has responded with eXtremeSQL, a SQL interface for projects with exceptionally high performance requirements in the real-time enterprise.

eXtremeSQL features and capabilities include:

Broad coverage of the SQL-89 standard. eXtremeSQL implements most of the ANSI SQL-89 specification for INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT statements.

Extensions to exploit key eXtremeDB features. eXtremeSQL implements eXtremeDB-specific extensions including support for structures, arrays, vectors, and optimization of queries on classes with object identifier relationships.

Compatible with all eXtremeDB editions. eXtremeSQL is fully interoperable with eXtremeDB Standard Edition, High Availability Edition, and Transaction Logging Edition.

Interactive SQL utility. eXtremeSQL includes an interactive SQL program, eXQL, that can test SQL statements or serve as a useful example of a full eXtremeSQL implementation. eXQL also works as a batch processing utility by redirecting input from a text file containing eXtremeSQL statements.

No client/server inter-process communications. Like eXtremeDB, eXtremeSQL is embedded in the application, not deployed as a separate process. This eliminates client/server inter-process communication round-trips from the execution path, resulting in breakthrough performance.

“McObject is very excited about this new addition to the eXtremeDB product family and expects the response to be enthusiastic. We have already seen integration of eXtremeDB in industries such as financial services, for applications including real-time trading and market analysis. eXtremeSQL adds a familiar interface to technology that provides radically improved performance, compared to existing data management solutions in these markets,” McObject CEO Steve Graves said.


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