McObject Data Management Tools for Windows Embedded Compact

McObject offers both the eXtremeDB and Perst embedded database systems for Windows CE applications. Both are fast, with minimal RAM and CPU demands, and are proven in a wide variety of application types.

Whether you choose eXtremeDB or Perst will depend on variables including your preferred development language, storage mode, database features, etc.

The table below compares these embedded databases along several dimensions. We invite you to find out more by visiting the eXtremeDB and Perst product sections of this Web site, or by downloading an evaluation copy of either database.

eXtremeDB Perst  (.NET, .NET Compact Framework, Java and Java ME/J2ME)
SQL Yes Partial
In-memory or on-disk Yes (including combined in-memory and on-disk) One or the other
Languages supported C, C++ C#, J#, Managed C++, VB.NET and all other managed .NET languages
Performance Best Good
High Availability Yes No
Remote Process Yes No
Object Oriented No Yes
Indexes Hash, b-tree, r-tree, kd-tree, patricia trie, custom b-tree, t-tree, kd-tree, patricia trie, timeseries