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Powering the Financial Industry

A white paper from the database management system experts at McObject.

The financial services industry encompasses a wide range of businesses, from traditional hometown banking, through investment and wealth management, to global securities exchanges. As in almost every other industry, the digital revolution has brought great change to the financial sector. Perhaps the greatest change has been in the speed at which financial business now operates.

STAC testing confirms that deploying McObject’s eXtremeDB in an environment of Power Systems and IBM FlashSystem can provide financial institutions with the application performance they need to capture and keep competitive advantage, increase profitability and move confidently into what IBM calls the “Cognitive Era.”   In one standardized benchmark, which runs 21 different tests, the IBM infrastructure delivered the fastest and most consistent mean response times ever reported for all combinations of query type, data volume and concurrent users. In another test, the IBM infrastructure beat the performance of the best result previously published by a stunning 200 times.


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