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eXtremeDB v8.2 Embedded for Integrity

eXtremeDB Embedded supports native transient and persistent databases; native C/C++, Java, Python database access APIs; Active Replication Fabric API (for IoT database management) and Transaction Logging (TL) API.

Evaluation distributions could optionally include support for columnar data layout and a library of vector-based statistical functions for optimal handling of time series data; SQL API (eXtremeSQL), storage procedures Lua-JIT API; ODBC and JDBC drivers; eXtremeDB SQL server application xSQL, remote SQL server (RSQL) and Distributed SQL (sharding) APIs.

INTEGRITY OS is available for a variety of hardware platform, supported through highly configurable INTEGRITY kernel and numerous compiler’s optimization options. In order to build the eXtremeDB runtime seemingly integrated with your INTEGRITY OS projects we need to know the operating system version (e.g. INTEGRITY OS 19) and the target hardware specifications (e.g. NXP IMX8QXP). Note that we can also provide the eXtremeDB software for the INTEGRITY OS simulator for your target hardware platform.

As soon as we have received this information, we will promptly build the eXtremeDB evaluation software and send the download instructions to you.

During the 60-day evaluation period, we encourage you to take advantage of the technical support available to you.

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