Perst & Silverlight

Embedded Database Demo 

Perst and Silverlight Embedded Database Demo Application – Web-based CRM With Local Storage

This demo application shows the simplicity and power of using the Perst for .NET object-oriented, open source embedded database in a Silverlight application. The demo implements a simple Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) system that manages Contacts, Leads and Activities.

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An important feature of this CRM application is its ability to store data locally, on the user’s hard drive. Sometimes offline access is needed with a data-driven application. And while saving data as XML files in Silverlight storage is one possible solution, it doesn’t provide for the quick search, ease of use, integrity protection through transactions, and other benefits of a real database management system.

Perst is a powerful object-oriented database system written entirely in C#. It’s fast and simple to use. In addition to running the demo from this Web site, you can download complete demo application source code as well as a Silverlight Demo Article with extensive comments illustrating how Perst is used in the demo.

Functions of the demo include:

  • Create, Read, Update, Delete 3 types of objects – Contact, Lead, Activity
  • Quickly filter Leads by Contacts, and Activities by Leads
  • Instant full-text search of objects
  • Suggestions to complete typed words in the search box
  • Quick generation of demo data
  • Work with simple business objects
  • LINQ queries over storage
  • Multi-edit of selected objectsInstallation for offline use

Click here to launch the demo, with the demo article and complete source code.

Download the Silverlight Demo Article (PDF).


About Perst for Silverlight

Perst is McObject’s open source, dual license, object-oriented embedded database system (ODBMS). It is available in one edition developed as an all-Java embedded database, and another implemented in C# (for Microsoft .NET Framework applications).

Perst gives developers the ability to sort, store and retrieve objects in their applications with maximum speed and with low memory and storage overhead, while leveraging the object-oriented paradigm of the C# and Java languages. For more about Perst. Or, download Perst (open source software and docs).

With its Silverlight support, Perst for .NET enables Silverlight applications to leverage DBMS features including transactions, a flexible and easy-to-use API, multiple database indexes, garbage collection and more. Uses of Perst with Silverlight include client-side caching, software as a service (SaaS) architectures, and storage of application settings and of data for tables, grids and lists in Web forms. With Perst, clients can also store data from unfinished projects that use Silverlight Web applications.

To enforce security in Silverlight-based Web clients, Perst requires explicit permission from local users before allowing data storage to exceed the maximum 1 megabyte size allowed under the quota. Also for security, the isolated storage feature in Silverlight restricts the Perst-based application to using a sub-tree of the file system for database storage. Developers can also choose to use Perst for transient, memory-only storage in Silverlight applications.