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Professional Services

“With its emphasis on hands-on, relevant experience, the training course from McObject jump-started our use of the eXtremeDB database and paid for itself many times over through increased productivity.”    –STM A.S.Professional Services

McObject Professional Services is your partner in planning, designing, deploying and supporting data management systems applications, with a comprehensive portfolio of professional services—including software engineering, consulting and support—that spans the system’s lifecycle.

At its core, McObject’s services team is comprised of senior developers who live and breathe to find new and effective ways to leverage embedded data management for clients.  McObject developers are highly qualified, and are a motivated, tight-knit group. Every member of the McObject development team has 15+ years of professional experience, and many hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science or a related field. 

A consulting engagement is a great way to take advantage of McObject’s knowledge. And don’t forget training: The MPS engineers who develop and consult, also teach, which ensures that our seminar students receive real-world practical insights when it comes to writing data management code.

R.A.P.I.D Project management for data management software

McObject follows the R.A.P.I.D. approach to project management; Research, Analyze Plan, Implement, Deploy.

Implementation Services

Our team helps McObject customers maximize the return on their investment in eXtremeDB embedded database or Perst embedded database software by providing the following integration and implementation services:

  • Benchmarking/proof-of-concept. Before you commit to licensing McObject technology, MPS helps you ensure that our database products meet your embedded system project’s requirements. Our engineers will create necessary benchmarks based on your target architecture, data layout and data access pattern, and put together a pilot project that proves the feasibility of the chosen approach
  • Database architecture and design. Nobody understands McObject technology better than MPS, and nobody understands your product requirements better than you. We will assist in creating the detailed data management design that closely matches your application needs
  • Embedded database and application integration
  • Performance tuning
  • Porting to new software and hardware platforms
  • Migration from third-party databases
  • Integration with third-party products

Training Courses

We are, first and foremost, practicing database management system developers. We design our seminars and training courses with knowledge gained through experience, not just theory. From developing numerous commercial solutions and working in database development for more than fifteen years, our instructors know McObject databases’ internals, as well as the broad principles of data management in embedded application development. Our knowledge is experience-based: we don’t teach “guesses,” or just what it says in the manual. We’re developers, and we teach you how our database systems work in the real world. You’ll use what you learn in our seminars, every day. Because of our knowledge and development experience, we provide unique benefits. You can expect to:

  • Save time and frustration by avoiding common pitfalls (we’ve been there, so you don’t have to go there)
  • Learn precisely the right information that you’ll need to do the job. We know what you’ll need to know a year from now
  • Learn the way things work the first time, avoiding costly dead-ends and redesigns
  • Get your project-specific questions answered while you’re at the seminar

Other Services

In addition to offering database technology-related services, our consultants possess expert knowledge about a large variety of embedded platforms and toolsets. This enables MPS to deliver cost-effective software solutions to customers in many embedded domains such as automotive and mobile solutions, industrial control, navigation systems and others. In our work, we use a variety of programming languages and tools for different host and target environments. Examples include:

  • C/C++, Java, C#
  • Embedded databases and embedded SQL, XML, Java, C# and .NET
  • Linux, Windows, QNX, LynxOS, Symbian OS, VxWorks, INTEGRITY OS, eCos, and others.  Please visit our FAQ page for more information.
  • Various compilers, tool chains and embedded IDEs

Other Projects

Our engineers have successfully completed numerous projects. These range from custom device drivers on Windows, Linux and embedded platforms to complex hardware emulators, to tools development. Some examples include:

  • Porting. Migrated custom applications from Open VMS to Digital UNIX, and to Windows NT 4.0; implemented custom communication protocols over serial lines (communication to Allen Bradley S5 PLCs)
  • Driver development for Windows platforms. Developed custom drivers for QLOGIC ISP1040 SCSI HBA on Windows NT
  • Emulators. Designed and developed the general infrastructure for emulators, storage controllers’ emulation and serial line multiplexors’ emulation
  • Custom Linux distributions, driver development for Linux. MontaVista Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) custom distributions for MIPS/MIPS64, PPC/PPC65, x86/x86_64, and ARM targets. Included debugging and fast reboot capabilities (kexec/crash/kdump/LKCD/FSAD), live system state monitoring (RMON/MSA), network/storage capabilities (bonding/open file by inode) and boards/chassis HW management (IPMI)
  • MontaVista Mobilinux (MontaVista Embedded Linux Solution) development. Implemented low level drivers, including support for low power state safe enter/exit (for example, LCD/Camera/audio for OMAP1710, PXA27xx)
  • Graphics acceleration. Hardware Graphics acceleration (graphics middleware) for Linux
    Lab automation software, all aspects. Automatic microscope for fiber endpoint quality tests for x86 platform communicating with PIC16xx micro-controller over RS-232. Managed the microscope mechanics (focal plane, phase shift)
  • Software development tools, various host and target platforms. Developed a distributed (Java API, proxy, target server) multi-platform developers’ tool used to run and debug applications on remote target, inspect remote file system, inspect system state, interact with kernel debugger, etc. Supported operating systems including Linux, Solaris, Windows, BlueCat Linux, and LynxOS; developed debugging and profiling tools for LynxOS
  • Industrial Automation projects. Developed industrial automated control system for the ER-Soft distributed Process Control (dPC) environment; included drivers for the Fieldbus NIC for real-time extension (RTX) on Windows CE and other Windows platforms
  • Symbian-based development. UIQ Framework (Symbian OS-based SDK) application development

Why choose McObject Professional Services?

We actually do what we consult on and teach; supporting data management systems. So we know the pitfalls that commonly threaten projects, especially involving embedded systems data management. Our development activities at McObject feed directly into our consulting and teaching. In turn, our consulting and teaching feed back into our development ability. What does this mean for you? Getting the job done on time, within budget, with a technically superior deliverable regardless of your definition of superior: smaller, faster, more portable, or other criteria.

For more information on professional services, please contact McObject at 425-888-8505 or by email.


“After a stringent review process, we selected eXtremeDB because of its scalability; outstanding performance due to its sharding capability; and our confidence in McObject’s ability to offer a solid support team.”