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eXtremeDB/rt is the first and only deterministic embedded database management system for mission- and safety-critical hard real-time applications.

Modern avionics and aircraft navigation systems, driver assistance systems, critical medical equipment and similar systems’ data management is complex, often non-interruptible and have strict requirements for timely execution. Those requirements are defined as real-time constraints on the systems’ temporal behavior. The eXtremeDB/rt pioneering design addresses those constraints through preserving the temporal validity of data and enforcing predictable execution of critical data transactions.


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To Err is Human. The Case for Buy Over Build in Hard Real-time Database Management Systems


eXtremeDB/rt Q & A: what distinguishes a true, real-time deterministic embedded database?

Watch this and other videos about real-time and embedded database management on our Webinars page.

What sets eXtremeDB/rt apart?


Deterministic ACID-compliant transactions

eXtremeDB/rt provides transaction semantics for passing the transaction’s deadline and transaction priority to the database scheduler, while the eXtremeDB/rt kernel enforces these deadlines. At the same time, the kernel preserves strong internal database consistency through enforcing the ACID transactions’ properties.


Adaptable real-time transaction managers

The eXtremeDB/rt transaction manager is based on a preemptive High Priority Earliest Deadline First (EDF) scheduling algorithm. An alternative transaction manager makes use of the priority inheritance protocol (PIP) implemented by most modern real-time operating systems. Regardless of the choice, the real-time transactions deadlines are fully enforced.


No restrictions on execution patterns

The eXtremeDB/rt transaction managers adapt to the underlying OS schedulers, yet do not make any assumptions about transactions patterns and/or the applications’ data flow. The schedulers can handle periodic and aperiodic transactions and do not require any execution-time estimates to enforce transactions’ deadlines.

Highly configurable database kernel

While preserving fully deterministic real-time transaction control, the eXtremeDB/rt kernel can be easily tailored for the specific needs of target applications. Source-code level kernel configurations can include only features required by the target applications, excluding unnecessary database management code.


Broad RTOS Support

In order to satisfy hard real-time requirements, the eXtremeDB/rt target applications must run in the context of a real-time operating system. eXtremeDB/rt is available for all major commercial RTOS including those that are certified to airborne safety (DO-178B/C ) and automotive safety (ISO 26262) specifications on selected hardware.


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Tailored to your needs

The nature of eXtremeDB/rt’s tight integration with the RTOS and target hardware requires that each evaluation package be assembled uniquely for your needs.  Please contact us so that we can gather information on your RTOS vendor, version, target hardware, tool chain, and so on.

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Desktop distributions

Free desktop evaluation packages of eXtremeDB/rt for Linux, MacOS, QNX and Windows platforms are available for immediate no-hassle download. Learn more about the programming interface and various real-time and non-real-time features of eXtremeDB/rt. After you have tried the desktop version, we hope you’ll contact us for a free trial of eXtremeDB/rt tailored to the needs of your RTOS.

You are also welcome to contact us, and we will send you a download of eXtremeDB/rt running in the FreeRTOS simulator.