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Demand more control from a database management system

eXtremeDB 8.2 offers new platforms, performance enhancements, Python & C++ stored procedures

August 19, 2020, Seattle: McObject® announces important enhancements in the new version of its eXtremeDB® embedded database management system, arming developers with more control, new platform support, performance improvements and new features.

Built as a true in-memory database system, eXtremeDB is a hybrid in-memory and persistent DBMS that can be utilized as an embedded database with or without SQL, a client/server database, and a distributed database. eXtremeDB 8.2 delivers improvements in all aspects.

Platforms: eXtremeDB has always been known for the wide variety of platforms and languages supported. Android has been added, and Python support has been extended to include Python 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8. The eXtremeDB Java Native Interface (JNI) has been extended to support the eXtremeDB Active Replication Fabric™, the ultimate development tool for the Internet of Things. The highly popular Rust language is also now supported.

Performance: The eXtremeDB Java API no longer needs to unpack objects prior to deleting them. eXtremeDB 8.2 adds support for stored procedures and user-defined functions in SQL, that can be implemented in Python and C++ in addition to the previous support for Lua, which has also been enhanced.

More control: A new module has been added to the eXtremeDB dashboard, the xPanel, to enable starting, connecting to, pausing and stopping eXtremeDB SQL (xSQL) servers. The xPanel was further enhanced with the ability to trace all SQL queries regardless of the origin (e.g. a local connection, a network connection or a RESTful (web) client connection.

eXtremeDB has enjoyed tremendous success in real-time/embedded and safety critical systems, and what is now commonly referred to as the Internet of Things. With over 30 million systems deployed worldwide in MilAero, Network & Telecom equipment, Industrial Control, Consumer Electronics and Fintech, eXtremeDB 8.2 delivers on the company’s promise to provide world-class support to its customers.


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About McObject
Founded by database and real-time systems experts, McObject offers proven, ultra-fast data management technology, used across a wide range of industries and market segments. The company’s background and expertise in defense and aviation sectors mean that its technology is exceptionally reliable and robust.

McObject counts among its customers industry leaders such as BAE Systems, TradeStation, Siemens, Philips, EADS, JVC, ViaSat, F5 Networks, CA, Motorola and Northrup Grumman, along with NSE.IT, SunGard, Transaction Network Services, and Dalian Commodity Exchange.

eXtremeDB uses powerful, industry-standard tools and languages, such as SQL, Python, C/C++, Java and C#.

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