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McObject Adds XML Support to eXtremeDB In-Memory Database

November 18, 2002 — Responding to developers’ increased interest in realizing the benefits of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) for embedded systems, McObject has released an XML interface for its eXtremeDB in-memory database system. The eXtremeDB interface enables seamless data exchange between eXtremeDB and other XML-enabled systems, and provides a simplified means for updating underlying database structures.

McObject has created a freely downloadable example program demonstrating the integration of the eXtremeDB embedded XML interface and Web Services through SOAP interfaces. Interested developers can download the demonstration program and implementation files at

The eXtremeDB XML interface enables the export of database data in XML format as well as importing XML data into the database. Expressed in XML form, data is easily shared between eXtremeDB -based embedded systems and the outside world, in an efficient, standards-based fashion.

In contrast to some databases that store data as XML, eXtremeDB XML supports the W3C XML specification but stores its contents in the eXtremeDB binary format, applying eXtremeDB’s efficient in-memory storage methodology to the imported data. Stored objects retain eXtremeDB’s compact layout, as well as its fast and predictable search methods and updates. With eXtremeDBXML, the database still reads and writes XML in the context of transactions, ensuring reliability and data integrity.

eXtremeDB’s XML stands out as a truly embeddable implementation. The module adds just 40K to the run-time code size, meeting the footprint limitations typically imposed by embedded systems and intelligent devices.

Potential uses include exporting real-time data from eXtremeDB-based embedded devices into enterprise databases, for archiving and for building cutting-edge embedded Web-servers and other applications. The ability to accept incoming XML simplifies eXtremeDB schema evolution by allowing the use of using XML editing and transformation tools to change the database structure. eXtremeDB XML is developed in accordance with the W3C SOAP encoding recommendations.

“Embedded systems developers are discovering that XML cuts project time via well-understood standards and tools, and makes devices ‘smarter’ by providing new connectivity options. With eXtremeDB’s XML interface, developers realize these benefits while continuing to enjoy an ultra-small database footprint, fast performance and a rich development tool-set,” said Steve Graves, McObject co-founder and CEO. “eXtremeDB XML provides a key connectivity component for building connected, state-of-the-art intelligent devices.”


About McObject

McObject, based in Issaquah, WA, is committed to building data management technology that makes intelligent devices smarter, and to providing first-rate support and consulting services to customers and partners. With more than 30 years experience in compilers, real-time systems, embedded data management and kernel level device-driver development, McObject’s founders are well-suited to deliver database technology that becomes as ubiquitous as computing itself. The company can be reached at 425 831 5964, or visit


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