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McObject Offers ProScout Java ME Software Demo with Database On Mobile & Embedded Community Site

March 6, 2008 — McObject® announced the availability on the Mobile & Embedded Community site of McObject’s ProScout demo application, incorporating the Perst™ Lite object-oriented, open source embedded database system, to the wide population of developers building mobile device-based applications using the Java™ Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME).

The Mobile & Embedded Community on the Sun Microsystems, Inc. Web site has included the ProScout demo MIDlet as a Featured Application available from dedicated pages on its ME Application Developers Project. ProScout is designed to let sports recruiters discreetly take notes on their mobile devices—but on the Mobile & Embedded Community site, McObject’s demo software is there to help developers who are scouting for a highly efficient and elegant data management solution based on Java ME technology.

The Java ME platform for mobile phones and PDAs, and other small-profile embedded devices such as set-top boxes and portable audio players is deployed on billions of devices, supported by leading tool vendors and used by companies worldwide.

McObject’s Perst Lite brings object-oriented database capabilities to devices based on Java ME technology, for greater efficiency and seamless integration with the programming language. Perst Lite is very compact, with its core consisting of only five thousand lines of code. It does not require administration, and it supports transactions with the ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) properties.

The new ProScout page in the Mobile & Embedded Community at provides freely downloadable ProScout source code, as well as a byte-code version of the MIDlet incorporating the Perst Lite embedded database. Also included on the page are ProScout screenshots, Getting Started instructions, a file explaining database features used within ProScout, and links to technical articles and database resources.

“For developers looking for a mobile and embedded device platform with a wealth of available tools, as well as momentum in the marketplace, Java ME is a compelling choice. McObject is pleased to make its contribution to the Java ME open source toolset with Perst Lite, and with ProScout, which shows how the embedded database benefits a real-world application. The Mobile and Embedded Community provides an ideal forum for sharing the technology with interested developers,” McObject Chief Operating Officer Chris Mureen said.

“The mission of the Mobile & Embedded Community is to bring communities together, to empower developers, and to accelerate innovation” says Terrence Barr, Evangelist of the Java Mobile & Embedded Community and well-known Java technology blogger. “Data management is increasingly needed in mobile and embedded applications, and an embedded database that is flexible, lightweight, open source and object-oriented is particularly welcome. For these reasons, we’re pleased to offer McObject’s Perst Lite demos and code,” Barr said.


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