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Compass-EOS Integrates McObject’s eXtremeDB High Availability Database In Breakthrough Photonics-Based Core Router

June 24, 2013 — ISSAQUAH, WA, June 24, 2013 — McObject®, developer of the eXtremeDB® In-Memory Database System (IMDS) product family, announced that Compass-EOS has included eXtremeDB High Availability in the Compass-EOS r10004 core router, which is the first shipping product to use optical communication between line cards using silicon-to-photonics technology. This breakthrough approach, termed “radical” by industry analysts, lends the device dramatically greater speed and scalability, lower power consumption, a smaller footprint and other benefits for network operators whose hardware provides the Internet’s backbone.

Fault-tolerance is a critical requirement for these big carriers, which is where McObject’s database system comes in. In the r10004 router’s architecture, eXtremeDB High Availability resides on the control plane. The Compass-EOS r10004 router relies on eXtremeDB High Availability’s replication features to maintain two fully synchronized copies of the control plane database, on active and standby controller cards. If the main database instance becomes inoperable due to hardware or software failure, its responsibilities are immediately assumed by the standby. This enables Compass-EOS’s core router to offer non-stop forwarding (NSF), protecting users against unplanned downtime.

“The McObject database system’s ability to meet stringent fault-tolerance requirements was a major reason for its adoption in the r10004 router,” said Yoav Wechsler, Vice President of Research and Development at Compass-EOS. “Performance was another key criterion in selecting a database system. As an in-memory database system with a highly efficient design and short code path, eXtremeDB HA is able to fill a role in the r10004 device’s embedded software that is inherently real-time,” he said.

The Compass-EOS r10004 core router targets telecom carriers, content distribution networks and other service provider companies that seek to scale their networks while reducing complexity and minimizing operating costs. Chief among Compass-EOS’ technical accomplishments is its silicon-to-photonics-based interconnect, an idea much-discussed but never before realized in a product.

This “silicon-to-photonics” processing, made possible by its icPhotonics technology, enables Compass-EOS to eliminate the standard router midplane and switching fabric in the r10004 in favor of a passive optical mesh. The result is higher bandwidth with lower power requirements and a smaller device footprint. In addition to optical chip-to-chip communication within the router, the product offers photonics-based connections between r10004 devices, making it a modular building block that can scale to address different-sized networking challenges. The router design using icPhotonics also facilitates software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV), Compass-EOS says.

Compass-EOS has been closely watched in technology circles, for its ambitious and ground-breaking technology as well as its array of blue-chip investors.

“McObject is pleased that eXtremeDB High Availability can contribute fault-tolerant real-time data management to Compass-EOS products, to help enhance Internet and network reliability, speed and cost-effectiveness,” said McObject CEO Steve Graves.

Compass-EOS’s integration also highlights eXtremeDB’s widespread presence in communications infrastructure devices, by some of the industry’s best-known players. The database system is used in application delivery solutions from F5 Networks; in wireless broadband network base stations from Airspan Networks; in Genband’s IP networking gear, and by many other innovators.

For infrastructure vendors like Compass-EOS, the eXtremeDB database system’s efficiency delivers economic as well as performance and fault-tolerance benefits. The database system’s tiny code size (approximately 150K) and minimal CPU demands reduce hardware requirements.


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