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Real-Time Research Powerhouse U. of Virginia Licenses McObject’s eXtremeDB

July 5, 2004 — McObject’s eXtremeDB in-memory embedded database has won over private sector innovators such as Boeing and Motorola, and now academic experts are taking note: the University of Virginia’s Laboratory for Next Generation Real-Time Computing—regarded as one of the best real-time research groups in the nation—has licensed eXtremeDB as a candidate for a software prototype used in new in-memory database inquiries.

The laboratory, headed by real-time database experts Professor John A. Stankovic and Professor Sang H. Son, currently uses a disk-based database prototype based on the Wisconsin Shore storage manager. However, the lab plans new memory-based database research due to increased industry and academic interest in fast, small-footprint in-memory databases for embedded systems.

Memory-based data management is appealing for real-time applications because of the predictability of memory access, and the ability to build a real-time scheduler for an in-memory architecture that would guarantee a certain success rate (such as the number of successful transactions vs. those that miss their deadlines), Stankovic said.

Among other reasons, the Laboratory for Next Generation Real-Time Computing became interested in McObject’s technology due to the flexibility and transparency promised by eXtremeDB’s available source code.

Broadly, new research will focus on providing fast and predictable data services in distributed real-time systems. Specific inquiries may include scheduling algorithms, quality of service for data services, and replication control.


About McObject
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About the University of Virginia’s Laboratory for Next Generation Real-Time Computing
The Laboratory for Next Generation Real-Time Computing is part of the Computer Science Department at the University of Virginia. This research laboratory studies a wide range of issues in all aspects of real-time computing. Real-time principles are becoming important for all systems since audio and video streams are being utilized in many new contexts from control applications to the Next Generation Internet. Exciting new projects include building and analyzing embedded systems based on components, developing a theory and practice of feedback control real-time scheduling, developing protocols for deeply embedded large scale sensor networks, and designing real-time databases to support smart/ubiquitous computing spaces in both Internet-based worlds and in ad hoc sensor networks.

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