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At Embedded World, McObject Gives Away Free Embedded Linux Primer

February 18, 2008 — You attend industry events to gain practical knowledge. Why not come home from Embedded World 2008 with a free copy of Embedded Linux Primer, a top-tier recent book on building efficient, high-value, Linux-based embedded products?

McObject, developer of the eXtremeDB Fusion hybrid in-memory and on-disk embedded database product family, is giving away twenty-five (25) copies of Embedded Linux Primer at Embedded World this year. To win, visit McObject in Hall 11, Booth 415, and register.

We’ll draw the winning names on the last day of Embedded World and notify you immediately by e-mail and ship the book, free! Written by Christopher Hallinan, a veteran field application engineer at MontaVista Software, Embedded Linux Primer guides readers through typical Linux-based embedded systems, introduces key concepts and components, and calls attention to differences between Linux and traditional embedded environments.

Written from the embedded developer’s viewpoint, Hallinan’s primer thoroughly addresses issues ranging from kernel building and initialization to bootloaders, device drivers to file systems, and provides comprehensive guidance on tools. Learn the popular BusyBox utilities; porting Linux to custom boards; and real-time configuration via CONFIG_RT.

Are you interested in building the most efficient embedded software? At McObject’s booth, be sure to ask about our eXtremeDB in-memory and on-disk embedded database system technology. Used in place of ‘homegrown’ database code, the compact, fast and reliable eXtremeDB cuts months from development time in complex projects.

Where is eXtremeDB used? In successful, real-world devices such as WiMAX base stations, industrial controllers for oil/gas drilling, popular MP3 players, massive power grid stabilizers, network management gear, vehicle-based telematics and many others.

We hope to see you at Embedded World 2008! Visit McObject in Hall 11, Booth 415 and take away information on embedded databases and embedded Linux.