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McObject Co-Founder Presents Vision of Internet of Things Database Management at Embedded World 2016

February 16, 2016 — McObject®, an innovator in database management system (DBMS) technology, announced that its CEO and Co-Founder Steve Graves will deliver a paper at the Embedded World 2016 conference in Nuremberg, Germany. Graves’ presentation will lay out a vision of data management on the Internet of Things (IoT), focusing on the challenges that have arisen at different locations within this vast network, and how these needs align with database architectures and other features available in today’s highly diverse DBMS field.

McObject is also an exhibitor at Embedded World 2016 from February 23 – 25 in Hall 4, booth 4-108. Company engineering and sales personnel will be available to offer demos and answer attendees’ questions about its database software.

As described in Graves’ presentation, “On the Internet of Things, Which Database System Architecture Fits?”, data management on the IoT is bifurcated. It takes place on myriad field-deployed devices such as “smart” controllers, communications gear and consumer devices; and is also a key activity on the server-based IoT nodes that aggregate data from many field-deployed devices and analyze this Big Data in order to glean actionable information.

The market seems largely focus on the Big Data side of IoT data management, with database system vendors’ technology offering high scalability and support for disparate data types. This has contributed to the explosion of interest in NoSQL, graph databases and related solutions that are often schema-less (no fixed database definition) and provide tools to support highly complex analytical queries.

Database systems for field-deployed devices have generated less buzz – in keeping with the “hidden” nature of embedded technology generally – but play a critically important role managing substantial (and growing) on-device data stores. These databases are queried and updated in real-time to carry out time-critical, and sometimes safety-critical, activities. This makes fast responsiveness a key requirement; to minimize latency, it makes sense for device-based applications to store and access data locally rather than transferring it upstream to aggregation points for analysis.

To ensure a quick response, most device-based database systems feature in-process DBMS architecture, with the DBMS executing within the application process (in contrast, the client/server DBMSs favored on aggregation nodes would be inappropriate for devices due to the latency necessitated by inter-process communication between database server and application). Because device-based applications’ tasks are well-defined, their DBMSs typically incorporate schemas, which adds to processing efficiency. Compared to server-based nodes, the IoT’s field-deployed devices utilize a dizzying array of CPU and operating system combinations, making multi-platform support a key DBMS requirement.

Graves’ presentation examines commercial and open source database systems that target both the Internet of Things aggregation points and its field-deployed devices, including some technologies with features that span both categories. “On the Internet of Things, Which Database System Architecture Fits?”, is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 25.

“Data generated by the Internet of Things is growing exponentially, with accompanying wide-scale adoption of DBMS software as an IoT building block. We’re pleased Embedded World 2016 organizers have chosen McObject’s co-founder and CEO to present a roadmap to data management on the IoT, to help conference participants navigate potential solutions,” said Chris Mureen, McObject chief operating officer.

“McObject also looks forward to having many productive conversations with developers in our exhibition booth. We will present our new eXtremeDB® DBMS version 7.0, with features designed to meet wide-ranging IoT challenges, and hope to talk to engineers about their projects in fields including industrial automation, defense, communications, consumer electronics and other embedded areas where the eXtremeDB product family is widely used,” he said.


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