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McObject Shines Light on Embedded Database Technology at ESC Silicon Valley and Multi-Core Expo

These days, do you find your embedded applications must handle torrents of complex data, to support features demanded by end-users?

If so, McObject’s eXtremeDB database could help slash your development costs and improve your ability to deliver competitive solutions faster.

To learn more, visit McObject at ESC Silicon Valley 2010 in booth 931, or catch CEO Steve Graves’ presentation at Multi-Core Expo (co-located with ESC in San Jose this year).

Many companies have turned to eXtremeDB for a fast and ultra-reliable database, in apps ranging from industrial control to telecom/networking, avionics and consumer electronics. eXtremeDB delivers critical benefits including:

  • The fastest performance, via a streamlined in-memory architecture
  • Tiny RAM and CPU footprint – do more with less!
  • Unmatched flexibility: multiple APIs, indexes, data types, storage options and more
  • Shorter time-to-market thanks to a proven, off-the-shelf database (no more “homegrown” solutions)
  • Advanced features for reliability and durability
  • Specialized product editions including High Availability, Transaction Logging, and more
  • An impressive customer list that include manufacturing and technology leaders worldwide!

Learn how companies improve product quality and reduce costs with eXtremeDB – visit us on the ESC Expo floor in booth 931. Feel free to e-mail for an appointment.

And if you’re developing software for multi-core CPUs, don’t miss Steve Graves’ presentation, “Resolving Resource Contention, The Key Multi-Core Software Challenge” at Multi-Core Expo on Thursday, April 29 at 2:45 p.m. Steve presents optimization techniques you can use – and that help make eXtremeDB the fastest embedded database for multi-core.

Note: when signing up for Multi-Core Expo, use this special code, ETGMC, to save $200 on a 3-day or 1-day conference pass!

We hope to see you at ESC Silicon Valley 2010 and Multi-Core Expo!