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Ian Hillier-Brook to Represent McObject in UK & Europe

New York and London – December 4, 2013 – McObject has appointed Ian Hillier-Brook, through his company Ian H-B Associates Limited, as their new representative in the UK and Europe. Hillier-Brook has an excellent record and many years’ experience of developing and growing financial technology businesses in the UK, the US and Europe.

McObject is an established US data management company with a global reach. Having built a firm presence in the defence, avionics and telecoms industries McObject developed eXtremeDB Financial Edition specifically to serve the needs of financial institutions and their appetite for ultra high-performance, low-latency data processing. eXtremeDB Financial Edition is used for real-time analysis of market data in trading, risk and regulatory areas, and has extensive built-in financial functionality, which includes a host of time-series handling capabilities, financial maths and stats functions as well as easy scalability.

Hillier-Brook said: “Energetic business development in the global financial markets is a key part of McObject’s growth strategy. I am very enthusiastic about this role – it’s a logical move and will make extremely good use of my experience of building up businesses in this sector. McObject’s focus on providing a low-latency, very high-performance database solution to the financial markets puts eXtremeDB in a strong position to take advantage of the growing need in financial markets for faster market data processing, real-time and historical analysis and to meet regulatory requirements.”

Chris Mureen, chief operating officer at McObject, said: “Ian’s extensive knowledge and experience in the financial markets are crucial to this role. He has a broad knowledge of our target market, but it is his in-depth understanding of market data that is so valuable to us, as is his extensive global network of contacts. I very much look forward to working with him.”

Hillier-Brook has founded and run a number of companies in the financial markets and time series/market data technology world. These included Market Data Systems Ltd., Market Information Systems Ltd. and Data Stream Analysis Ltd. The underlying technologies for these companies were FAME, Informix/Illustra’s Object Relational database and Streambase. eXtremeDB, as the latest and the fastest, is the next logical step in this progression.

Photographs of Ian Hillier-Brook are available on request.