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McObject’s eXtremeDB 2.0 Adds Flexibility and Features To Powerful Memory-based DBMS

April 15, 2002 — McObject has released version 2.0 of its eXtremeDB small footprint, main memory database, with new features that improve developer flexibility and enhance the run-time capabilities of applications based on eXtremeDB.

McObject built eXtremeDB from scratch to meet the CPU and RAM constraints of intelligent, connected devices while offering dramatic performance improvements over traditional disk-based database systems. Enhancements in version 2.0 include:

– Object versioning. This feature allows the database to keep a history of versions of an object. The developer can specify how many historical copies to keep.
– Notifications. Similar to the concept of triggers in enterprise databases, this function notifies another application process when something of interest in the database has changed. Uses include propagating changes through a network, such as IP route table updates. eXtremeDB offers synchronous and asynchronous notifications.
– New data types supported. Among the new data types, autoid causes eXtremeDB to automatically create a system-generated primary key for an object when it is inserted in the database, and 8-byte integers support the use of eXtremeDB on 64-bit operating systems.
– Performance improvements. Depending on application usage, eXtremeDB 2.0 performs up to 20% faster than eXtremeDB 1.2.

Visitors can view a complete data sheet on improvements in eXtremeDB 2.0. An evaluation version of eXtremeDB 2.0 is available for free download.

With a tiny footprint of 100K or less, eXtremeDB supports the data-hungry features of next-generation set-top boxes, network switches, industrial automation and other intelligent devices. It delivers critical data management features, and accelerates processing by storing and working with data in main memory.

McObject provides complete database source code for eXtremeDB. The database runs on all Windows platforms as well as Linux, VxWorks and virtually all other operating systems, including RTOSs.


About McObject

McObject LLC, based in Issaquah, WA, is committed to building data management technology that makes intelligent devices smarter, and to providing first-rate support and consulting services to customers and partners. With more than 30 years experience in compilers, real-time systems, embedded data management and kernel level device-driver development, McObject’s founders are well-suited to deliver database technology that becomes as ubiquitous as computing itself. The company can be reached at 425 831 5964, or visit


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